May 18, 2018


Third Grade with Mrs. Peters

May 18, 2018

The highlights of this week were Monday's share by Miss Renault of all the amazing things in her hiking pack that weigh VERY little, Tuesday's 'pay it forward to a friend' day, Wednesday's live goat lesson, Thursday's trip to the animal expo, and Friday's Marble Day celebration that included a lot of technology, art, and recess games. Friday evening was the GSB Spring Chorus performance.



Our focus is on the automaticity of the multiplication tables and division, with focus on the 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s. In Number Corner, students are continuing work involving arrays and area.



Students are focused on their Daily 5 literacy work: buddy reading, word work on their computer, listening to read, and writing about their reading. All students continue reading their own chapter books and meeting with me to read individually.

Last week, students read excerpts from Lost on a Mountain In Maine (Donn Fendler's story). Students also read two newspaper articles about the rescue of Donn Fendler. Donn's amazing story was very interesting to all students. Monday, Miss R brought in her fully loaded hiking pack to show exactly what she takes with her on her long hikes. We had a chance to see every item, weigh it all, and hear all about how you can survive on the trail with only what you have in your pack. [*In middle school, at GSB, students have the incredible opportunity to go spend a few days at Chewonki, sleeping in shelters, and learning outdoor survival skills. It was one of the greatest things my own children did as students at GSB. They'll use a pack similar to Miss R.'s for their Chewonki adventure.]



This week students continued conferencing with me and editing their slides for their Mary Cerullo project (that is due to go to press in a few weeks).

After reading about Donn Fendler's journey, hearing Miss R's hiking adventures, and watching a video that compared the AT to the PCT, student's wrote persuasive essay starters to convince someone about the importance of packing what you need to survive, when heading out on a long hike.

Students continue work in their cursive writing books.

We continue to focus on the basic expectations involving the use of upper case letters, punctuation, spelling, use of transition words, and organized writing.


Science/Social Studies

Students created aquaculture oyster questions for our swapping school on Staten Island and wrote answers for all of the questions they emailed to us. On Tuesday, May 29th we will be skyping with them to exchange answers to all of our oyster questions.

Students also continued research work on the state of Maine, learning more about the government.

n third grade, Miss Anne-Marie does a collaborative project with the classroom teachers during the Native American unit. Using one of the myths they study, Miss Anne-Marie exposes the students to radio programs from the past and how those were the main source of entertainment for families, pre television and technology. She teaches how stories can "come to life" through the use of sound effects and acting. This is also a great opportunity for our students to begin to learn about the recording studio at GSB, which includes Protools, a professional level recording app. Each child in 3rd grade reads a part of the story and is coached a bit on acting skills. This year's story was "The Legend of Muskrat". Then, Miss AM shows the students how to place sound effects to the recording to bring it to life! We hope you enjoy the show!!!

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