May 11, 2018


Third Grade with Mrs. Peters

May 11, 2018

A highlight of this week was our quick trip over to Pinkham's Plantation to help with preparation for growing giant pumpkins. Each student helped potting 150 pots of soil and received a special giant pumpkin seed (and directions describing how to grow one).



Our focus is on the automaticity of the multiplication tables and division. In Number Corner, students are doing more work involving arrays and area.



Students are focused on their Daily 5 literacy work: buddy reading, word work on their computer, listening to read, and writing about their reading. All students continue reading their own chapter books and meeting with me to read individually.

This week's focus was reading excerpts from Lost on a Mountain In Maine (Donn Fendler's story). Students also reads two newspaper articles about the rescue of Donn Fendler. Donn's amazing story was very interesting to all students. Next week, Miss R is going to bring in her fully loaded hiking pack to show exactly what she takes with her on her long hikes. We'll have a chance to try it on, weigh it, and hear all about how you can survive on the trail with only what you have in your pack. [*In middle school, at GSB, students have the incredible opportunity to go spend a few days at Chewonki, sleeping in shelters, and learning outdoor survival skills. It was one of the greatest things my own children did as students at GSB. They'll use a pack similar to Miss R.'s for their Chewonki adventure.]



This week students focused on conferencing with me and editing their slides for their Mary Cerullo project (that is due to go to press Friday May 11th). We read some stories with rhymes and worked on poetry. Each student wrote a Diamante poem for his/her mother for mother's day.

Students continue work in their cursive writing books.

We continue to focus on the basic expectations involving the use of upper case letters, punctuation, spelling, use of transition words, and organized writing.

Science/Social Studies

Students accessed the Maine state web site, via my google classroom, to research and answer specific questions about a variety of topics : Maine's senators and representatives, some famous people from Maine, Maine's industry and economy, etc. Many students have now memorized the Maine county song and know all of the 16 counties.

We learned a lot about lobsters and lobstering from Sidney during her Leader lesson. After her lesson, students worked on concept maps of what lobsters do to survive and sketched where they might hide, in the ocean, when they are newly molted and don't have such a hard shell to protect themselves.

**Students are given opportunities every day to use their laptops to access my Google Classroom. On my google classroom I have posted links to a wide range of differentiated materials and challenges in all subjects. These range from WOW in the world NPR audio clips about neat science topics, to math sites, spelling games, punctuation challenges, historical videos, foreign language games, and Mystery Science and Stem Scopes assignments (to name just a few).