March 9th, 2018


Third Grade with Mrs. Peters

March 9th, 2018

This was our second week of Leader of the Week. This is an evolution from 'Star of the week'. Students are randomly chosen to be the Leader of the Week. During their week they meet with Mrs. Peters on Monday at lunch to plan their full leader day on Wednesday. Throughout the week they demonstrate leadership skills and are our line leader, but on Wednesday they are actually the teacher all day (Mrs. Peters is simply their side-kick, who also teaches the core subject lessons). Each Leader will get to teach a lesson to the class, about something he/she knows a lot about or is really interested in. Mrs Peters helps him/her plan his/her lesson on Monday at lunch. The Leader dresses professionally on Wednesday (or another day, if snow gets in the way), but no worries if your child doesn't have a fancy dress or suit coat and tie, Mrs. Peters will help them with that too. It is a wonderful opportunity for every student to experience leading, teaching, guiding & helping his/her peers, time management, responsibility....and the pride and joy that goes with all of that. The Leader uses Mrs. Peters' computer to help with reporting attendance, gets the class lined up to go to and from specials, collects completed work, checks on students who needed help staying on task, and has an overall terrific day (from what they tell me at the end of their week).



In Unit 4 we are studying measurement, time, and fractions. This week's focus was on time.



Students continue reading chapter books in small reading groups and have also been assigned chapter books to read individually with Mrs. Peters, as well as more individualized work on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. During literacy class, students have lists from which to choose which Daily 5 Reading work they would like to do: buddy read, write about reading, word work (spelling, sounds, etc.), and listen to read. When students finish reading a 'read to self' book, they fill in a book form and sign up to conference with Mrs. Peter about the book.



Students began their studies of informational texts. Students are studying how a writer groups his/her information into parts. Each part being mostly about one thing that connects to his/her big topic. We have been focusing on paying careful attention to use of upper case letters and the difference between common nouns and proper nouns.

Students learned to use a graphic organizer to write about all the things they did over vacation.

Students continue work in their cursive writing books.

Each student is assigned a spelling word specific to them (that they may have spelled incorrectly in some of their writing). Each time we line up to go anywhere, each student spells his/her word correctly to line up. By the first afternoon of doing this, all students were spelling their words perfectly. Here were last week's words: title, letters, index, their, guard, ignore, which, dealt, chapter, table, surprise, might, author, glossary, and pleasant. This week's words are a bit more challenging (and will be listed soon...left my planning book at school).


Science/Social Studies

In Social Studies and Science students are continuing their studies of marine animals, with a focus on animal adaptations and animal groups.

Students continued work on their Mary Cerullo research and writing for our class Marine Animal book and are using classroom technology to create Google Slides for their information. Franklin ( a student in Mrs. Gregg's room) came over to our room do a presentation on how to create Google Slides. He did a fantastic job teaching us about Slides and helping everyone in the classroom.


Jesse Butler was planning to come again, but had to be home with sick children. He'll be planning to come again next week.