Mrs. Peters' Class

Grade 3


Mrs. Peters


Mrs. Peters' 11th grade twins: Kate and Sam

Dear Parents,

Monday is our last day of school and is only a half day. I will be sending home report cards with your child.

**PLEASE Don't forget.... when you look over report cards.... each standard will be scored with a 1, 2, 3, or 4. Those simply mean:

1=the student learned about something, can't demonstrate that he/she understands it completely, and will need to spend more time learning to reach mastery.

2=the student has shown he/she is beginning to understand something that was taught, but not solidly, so will need to spend some more time learning about it (2 is common and often means something was just introduced and we will be learning much more about it soon). A 2 is NOT bad. It is showing growth.

3=the student completely understands a skill that was taught.

4=the student not only completely understands a skill taught, but is so proficient that he/she could easily teach it to someone else, thoroughly, consistently and might even be studying it further, above grade level(a 4 is rare to get).

Our school nurse, Mrs. Lily, has completed all the eye and ear screenings for our class.


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, .

Thank you SOOO much for sharing your child with me. I will miss them SO much! Have a wonderful summer with your children at home (and at camps or with family). Fondly, Kellie Peters


*Star of the week has a special section of bulletin board on which to share anything special he/she wants to show his/her peers: photos, awards, artwork, anything he/she is proud of, etc. It will stay on display for the entire week.

Week 2: Tyler

Week 3 : Sidney

Week 4 : Gabriela

Week 5 : Rey

Week 6/7 combo: Walker

Week 8: Sawyer

Week 9: Lauren

Week 10 and 11: Bella

Week 12: Fiona

Week 13 and 14: Riley

Week 15: Mackenzie

Week 16: Finn

Week 17: Griffin

Week 18: Kaylee

Week 19: Jakobi

Week 20: Miss Renault

Week 21: Miss Renault & Mrs Peters

Week 22: Sidney

Week 23: Finn

Star of the Week has evolved into Leader of the Week. Students are randomly chosen to be the Leader of the Week. During their week they meet with Mrs. Peters on Monday at lunch to plan their full leader day on Wednesday. Throughout the week they demonstrate leadership skills and are our line leader, but on Wednesday they are actually the teacher all day (Mrs. Peters is simply their side-kick, who also teaches the core subject lessons). Each Leader will get to teach a lesson to the class, about something he/she knows a lot about or is really interested in. Mrs Peters helps him/her plan his/her lesson on Monday at lunch. The Leader dresses professionally on Wednesday , but no worries if your child doesn't have a fancy dress or suit coat and tie, Mrs. Peters will help them with that too. It is a wonderful opportunity for every student to experience leading, teaching, guiding & helping his/her peers, time management, responsibility....and the pride and joy that goes with all of that. The Leader uses Mrs. Peters' computer to help with reporting attendance, gets the class lined up to go to and from specials, collects completed work, checks on students who needed help staying on task, and has an overall terrific day (from what they tell me at the end of their week). *We are all very excited about Student Leader Day each week.

Week 24 Jakobi was our Leader of the week and taught us about the weight of the heavy machinery used at his dad's company.

Week 25: Tyler was our Leader of the week and taught us about Eels.

Week 26: Lauren was our Leader of the week and did an animal/art lesson. Lauren was also the Leader for week 27 (for 3 days, due to all the snow days and the teacher workshop day during week 26).

Week 28: Griffin was our Leader of the week and taught us about Ancient Egypt and how to draw a pyramid.

Week 29: Rey was our Leader of the week and he taught us about Animal Adaptations.

Week 30: Walker was our Leader of the week and he invited his older brother, Wyatt, to join him for his lesson involving NBA teams and learning in which states they are located (geography).

Week 31(vacation)

Week 32: Riley was our Leader of the week and she taught us about Moosehead Lake, Mount Kineo, The Steamboat Katahdin, the geology of the Greenville area, as well as some major landforms of Maine.

Week 33: Finn was our Leader of the week and he taught us all about designing and printing using the 3-D printer. We saw actual replicas of dinosaur skulls and jaw bones that were printed on the GSB 3-D printer.

Week 34: Sidney was our Leader of the Week and taught us all about Lobstering.

Week 35: Sawyer was out Leader of the Week and he had his grandmother, uncle, and mom bring in 2 young goats for us to pet and play with. He taught us all about goats.

Week 36: Fiona was our Leader of the Week and had her dad join us for her morning leader lesson. She set up an actual campsite IN our classroom and in addition to teaching us many neat tricks and tips for a successful camping trip on an island, she also educated the class about Leave No Trace.

Week 37: Mackenzie was our Leader of the Week and taught us all about counting the layers of an oyster's shell to determine its age. She then guided us in a craft lesson making oyster shells out of model magic.

Week 38: Gabriela was our Leader of the Week and invited her parents and two little brothers in for her lesson on how to care for babies and little children. They learned about keeping children safe as well as demonstrations about infant and child CPR and abdominal thrusts (for choking). Be sure and see the photos below.

Week 39: Unfortunately, Bella and Kaylee had to share this week (due to GSB not having to go longer, due to forgiven snow days). Bella taught us a fun lesson about elephants and keeping them safe. We made elephants out of model magic. Kaylee taught us about how geodes form and shared with her peers, from a geode kit I bought, geodes that we chiseled open. Thank goodness Mr. Hagar came along and helped muscle a few open. Everyone took home different pieces of amazing geodes.


Monday: Music and P.E.

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: P.E.

Thursday: Art

*Thursday at 10:10 is Violin instruction.

*Thursday at 10:40 is Viola instruction.

Friday: Library

*Friday at 10:30 is Cello instruction.

Friday at 1:15 is t6th grade Science Buddies

Friday at 1:55 is Cub Chorus


  • Each day third graders go to recess at 11:25 and then on to lunch at 11:45. Some days we go out to mid-day recess early and also might go out for some outside time on the playground later in the afternoon. We also frequently have lessons and activities outside.


Third Grade Homework

In our classes, homework can change depending on what happens in the classroom. Our belief is that the homework is meant to be practice for skills learned in class. It is helpful if they can do this work at home, because then they can move on to other things that we are doing in the classroom. If they don't do it at home, we expect them to get it done in the morning when they come in. If you are wondering about the homework, don't hesitate to contact us. Below are the guidelines for our homework.

Reading homework : please read every night.

Spend time outside.

The Homework focus at this point is learning the multiplication tables 0-10 before 4th grade.

Continue to eat right and exercise!

*Practice your instrument a little , if you play one ....and if you don't....just listen to some great music!


These are some web sites for choosing great books. Choose one and enjoy!

MATH resources: (choose grade 3)

SEPTEMBER 8th Class Photos

SEPTEMBER 15th Class Photos

SEPTEMBER 29th Class Photos

October 6 Class Photos

October 13 Class Photos

October 20th Class Photos

October 27th Class Photos

November 3rd Class Photos

*Friday, we worked with peers from Mrs. Pinkham's classroom as we learn about Mentor Sentences.

November 9th Class Photos

*Our very quick visit to the Whaleback Shell Midden across the street.

"Seabird Sue" Schubel, outreach educator, visited from Audubon's Project Puffin. *You can see a student 'gearing up' for what a human would need to adapt to all that a Puffin needs to survive.

Working on Wigwams with some Lincoln Academy 11th grade volunteers (Kate Peters, May Halm, and Sam Peters...all former GSB students) . *Making good use of the boxes from our classroom's laptops!

November 30th Class Photos

December 8th Class Photos

December 22nd Class Photos

We were super proud of our class door decoration and were sure we were going to win. :) . Thanks to Walker's mom (who REALLY does, likely, work for Santa!) we had battery operated lights and all! (Not to mention, she brought holiday pencils, erasers, and some "classroom elves-on-the-shelf" (a very special school version of the real elf on the shelf...that can, in fact, be touched (carefully) and still not lose its magic! Kaylee shared another 'classroom elf on the shelf' with us and he ("Elfie") was very active and reported out GREAT things to Santa almost every night (he even left everyone a special note).

Wednesday December 20th: Scrabble letter day. Our class spelled out (and wore one letter each) Barothermograph. The 3rd grade won for longest words.

Thursday December 21st was Ugly Sweater day and Sawyer and Lauren displayed some very jingly and brightly lit sweaters.

Our class made some incredibly beautiful artwork in Art class this week. These are just a couple of examples.

January 5th Class Photos

Students using classroom laptops to explore mathematical and logical thinking challenges during some inside recess time on Friday.

Students working with their 6th grade science buddies on the testing of their catapults.

Students spent a few minutes volunteering to organize and straighten up : classroom library, art caddies, and paper bins.

January 12th Class Photos

Above: Some classmates doing an informational text presentation about author Mary Cerullo.

Third graders working with their 6th grade science buddies. Investigating bubble blowing, measuring in mm and cm and noting elapsed time.

January 12th Class Photos

Above: Author Mary Cerullo teaches student about Gulf of Maine marine life and everything involved in writing, editing, and publishing her books.

Above: Mrs. Peters gave students 'coupons' to use for special things in the classroom, for Christmas (doodle on the white board, homework pass, sit in the teacher's chair for the lesson, be line leader for the day, etc..) Tyler chose to use his 'read a book to the class' coupon. We loved hearing him read us a story!

Mrs. Peters created/wrote a Donors Choose project to fund raise for chair-back-pouches. Our pouches arrived today and students were very excited to have a place at their desk to store their headphones, cursive writing book, writing paper, pencils, ruler, markers, colored pencils, and their reading books. They agreed that we'll be able to do much more learning, now that they won't be constantly leaving their work area to track down pencils , rulers, etc. We are very grateful and have written a thank you note to all of our donors.

January 25th Class Photos

Rey requested to read aloud to the class.

Our class joined Mrs. Gregg's class for our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday team-teaching for math. These photos are of students working on rounding to tens and hundreds.

Working on building Anemometers, to measure wind speed, with our 6th grade science buddies.

February 9th Class Photos

We had a fun time skating at the Midcoast Recreation Center ice rink.

Week of February 16th Class Photos

(Above left) Lauren reads aloud to the class. (Above right and below left) A typical relaxing read-to-self time after lunch (low lights and peaceful, soft music in the background). (Below: our second trip to the MRC for skating).

Below: continued construction of anemometers with our science buddies (and some completed and tested):

Week of Feb26/March 2 Class Photos

Our last time skating at the MRC.

Jesse Butler came in to teach us all about the hardware and software of computers. We also learned about the history of computers.

Matt from Chewonki came in to teach us all about Birds of Prey and food chains. We saw a live owl, snake, and spider. We were also able to touch a preserved bald eagle, and many other fascinating natural animal items.

Jakobi was the Leader of the Week and did a wonderful job as the teacher on Wednesday. For his personal lesson, he taught us all about the machinery used at his dad's company. We all had the opportunity to then climb up in and sit in one of the machines. I was really proud of the leadership skills he demonstrated and with his responsibility throughout the day and week.

Below, Friday Science Buddies. Continuing to test our anemometers.

Week of March 9th Class Photos

Above: Our fantastic Leader of the week: Tyler. Checking cursive work, reading a book to the class, and teaching us all about Eels.

Above: Franklin came from Mrs. Gregg's classroom to teach us all about creating Slides on Google Slides.

Week of March 15th Class Photos

(There were too many snow days to catch any good photos. Sorry)

Week of March 23rd Class Photos

Our Leader of the Week, Lauren, reading a book aloud to the class. (Above right): Lauren taught us all how to make squishy toys that represent the marine animals we are researching for our class Mary Cerullo Marine Creature book.

Fiona reads a book aloud to the class.

Jakobi read his Legend book to the class (multiple times). Everyone enjoyed it.

Tennis with Larry at the CLC YMCA

Week of March 30th Class Photos

Griffin was our Leader of the Week. He taught a very interesting lesson on Ancient Egypt and showed us how to draw a pyramid.

Jesse Butler came in again to teach us all about coding with computers. Everyone spent some time coding using I'm very proud of how tech savvy my class is.

We walked over to the CLC YMCA for our second tennis lesson with the tennis pro, Larry. Miss Renault and myself also had a few turns at hitting the balls.

Week of April 6th Class Photos

We enjoyed some kite flying , during an outdoor break, after a long morning session of MEA testing.

Above left: some students working on their computer coding at the coding class, after school on Wednesdays. Above right: my son Sam and GSB 8th grader Will F. help me run the Unplug-it-week lacrosse clinic on Thursday afternoon. Joe Clark came over from the Y and brought lax balls for us to use.

Above: Rey was our Leader of the Week and on Wednesday he taught a very interesting lesson about 10 unusual animals that have very unique adaptations. We also always enjoy when our Leader offers to read a book to the class. In addition to teaching in our room, Rey traveled over to Mrs. Hannah's room to read a book to her class.

Our 4th trip over to the CLC YMCA (for tennis with Larry) was very fun and we enjoyed playing a few big group games.

Week of April 13th Class Photos

Walker was our Leader of the week and invited a special family guest (his big brother, Wyatt) to join him for his terrific lesson on NBA teams and where on the US map each team is located. It was a great geography lesson (and we all learned a lot about basketball).

Week of April 27th Class Photos

Above: Miss Overlock was our Leader teacher on Wednesday. We learned a LOT about the Greenville area of Maine, including: Moosehead Lake, Mount Kineo, the Steamboat Katahdin, the geology of the area, and all about Miss Overlock's great family times on Moosehead lake.

Week of May4th Class Photos

Above: Mr. Roy was our Leader of the week and taught us all about using Tinker cad and printing objects on the 3D printer. We are studying fossils in science and Mr. Roy brought replicas of dinosaur fossils printed on the 3D printer at GSB.

Above: photos of my group at the museum. They were such good sports to pose for all my photos! Top left photo was great! They totally got into character and tried to blend in to the photo. Gage's hand was perfectly lined up to look like he was petting the dog. :) . We had so much fun!

Week of May11th Class Photos

Miss Willey was our leader of the Week and taught a lesson about Lobstering. We not only learned all about how fishermen catch lobsters, but also about Lobsters anatomy (most alarmingly, how they urinate). Above right, is a photo I told the kids about, of a lobsterwoman who fishes in front of our house down in Georgetown. She has a cool flag with a poodle on it.

Thursday we went to Pinkham's Plantation to help pot up 150 pots of potting soil for the growers to use to plant their special giant pumpkin seeds. Buzz Pinkham also showed us an example of the rig they put ON a cut open and hollowed out giant pumpkin for the pumpkin regatta race. Before leaving, we learned about the nutritious soil the pumpkin plants grow in and we all filed down the edges of some dried giant pumpkin seeds (so they will sprout more easily). Everyone was very appreciative to get to keep a giant pumpkin seed to try and grow (along with the special growing instructions). The help of the students was greatly appreciated by the Pinkham's staff.

On Friday we joined our 6th grade science buddies in Mr. Feltis' room and students continued working on their fossil charts, sketching images of fossils that might have been found at 70, 80, 90, and 100 meters down in the soil. They will continue working on writing up a Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning for why there is a difference between what is found at 70 meters and what is found at 90 meters.

Week of May18th Class Photos

Sawyer's mom, uncle, and grandmother brought in 2 young goats for Sawyer's Leader lesson. They were SOOOOO cute!

We learned all about Bike safety.

Miss R got some great photos of her group while at the Windsor Fair Animal expo on Thursday. Looks like they had a really fun time! *I loved the excitement of my crew spotting the book I worked on with the Maine dept. of Ag, called Aquaculture for ME (lots of familiar photos of my own kids in/on it). :)

My class earned a day of fun for Marble Celebration day. They voted on tech/art/recess fun. Above are some photos of my class enjoying some outside fun using our Spike Ball and Can Jam games as well as some good old fashioned, chalk-drawn 4-square.

Week of May25th Class Photos

Miss R brought in her hiking backpack and demonstrated how to pack light and the bare necessities one would need to hike a long hike and still be able to keep a pack light.

Miss Duffy taught us all about Leave No Trace and tips and tricks for successful camping trips (even out on remote islands).

The Bike Rodeo was SOOOOOO much fun!

We walked over to the YMCA to meet up with our Pen pals (arranged by Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Greenleaf) to eat lunch and play. Later, we walked over to Roundtop and enjoyed ice cream with our pen pals.(photos below)

Week of June 1st Class Photos

Miss Hopkins , our Leader of the Week, taught us how to count the layers of oyster shell to determine the age. Then, we used model magic to mold our own oysters. Mrs. Peters gave everyone a fake pearl to glue into their handmade oyster shells and she gave everyone a small real pearl to keep.

Ms Kaity Newell and her musician friend, Ms Sharon, came to sing and play fishing shanty songs for us. They played a guitar, banjo, violin, flute, and drum. The songs were very fun to sing along to.

Field Day was SO fun! Students rotated through 12 stations doing loads of fun challenges.

Week of June 8th Class Photos

Gabriela invited her Mom and Dad (Mrs. and Mrs. Janik) , her baby brother Noah, and her 4 year old brother Isaiah to join her for her Leader lesson. Noah is absolutely adorable! She showed us how to care for a baby, including putting on a diaper and feeding him with a bottle. Together with her dad (who teaches health and wellness at Lincoln Academy) we learned all about the importance of dialing 9-1-1, and what to do if someone stops breathing or has no pulse, until emergency medical help arrives. We also learned what to do if a baby or older person is choking.

Week of June 15th Class Photos

Facetime fun with The Harbor View School in Staten Island, NY. We swapped oyster and aquaculture questions with some 4th grade classes and then we shared our answers with each other.

Students got to bid on fun items in the Peters Pounds auction.

Many students did a wonderful job playing in the Spring strings concert.

Bella taught us about Elephants and saving them from poachers. We also learned how to draw a cartoon elephant. Kaylee taught us about geodes and we went outside to chisel some open. (I can't believe I forgot to take photos of the amazing insides!).

Below: Darling Marine Center