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Kindergarten had a great time at Biscay Orchards!

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Classroom News - Updated 3/1/18

Classroom Newsletter

In Math, we’ve been focusing on money, shapes, and counting by 5’s and 10s. Kindergarteners learned about the value of a nickel and penny, and played games and participated in other activities to learn how to count coins. We’ve been examining shapes closely, and talking about and comparing how many sides, sizes of shapes, and colors. We sorted and graphed them as well. We also introduced a lot of comparison vocabulary during number corners, such as greater than, less than, and equal to.

Students have been using various strategies as they begin to read. These include using the pictures and beginning sounds to solve words, recognizing sight words, and making predictions about texts. We’ve also been a lot of comprehension strategies after reading, and asking students to recall information, and making connections to their lives.

We continued our Narrative Writing unit, working on true stories about their lives. We focused on making our writing better for readers, and using spelling charts, stretching out words, and adding details.

We studied the life cycle of a penguin, where they live, and different kinds of penguins. We also learned about how to be a good friend. We also finally celebrated the 100th day of Kindergarten! Kids did a lot of activities to reinforce 10 groups of 10, such as making fruit loop necklaces, cup structures, and more!

All About Me:

I grew up in New Harbor and attended Bristol Consolidated School and Lincoln Academy. I then went to the University of Maine in Orono and got my B.S. in Elementary Education. After graduating I taught in Rockland for three years, then came to GSB. This will be my 6th year here! I spent 8 years teaching first grade, and this will be my first time teaching Kindergarten. While working, I chipped away at my Master's of Education in Literacy, and completed that in 2015.

I live in Damariscotta with my husband Nate, my one-year-old daughter Abby, and our dog Tucker. We love to be outside! We go boating, skiing, hiking, and play in our yard a lot! We love this community!