Computer Class

End-of-year letter

Welcome to Mrs. Vigue's computer class!

Resources include sites to help build our skills for upcoming activities and goals. Learn to type and coding will be mid-October through the end of December for grades 2-5. Students may do them on their own at any time (for practice). The more practice they have, the better they will become.

A reminder: failing is not a bad thing. Learn from the mistakes and try again.

"Here's why failure is GOOD:

  1. Failure is a redirection. It shows you where you shouldn't be.
  2. Failure is an opportunity. It's a chance to reevaluate and come back stronger with better reasoning
  3. Failure is not fatal. No matter how hard it may be know that failure simply means you get another shot to try it all again." ~Cynthia Hass

The first few weeks we go over 'introductions and common interests' of the class, safety procedures and classroom expectations. This is for ALL grade levels.

After the first few weeks it will depend on the grade level as well as the classroom. Some classes are further ahead than others so their calendar/assignments may be different.