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Evergreen Lawn Service can help return Your Lawn to Healthy & Beautiful! You can depend on us to provide the proper treatments necessary during drought or any adverse environmental conditions. We are committed to providing our customers with the most effective lawn care available, helping you achieve the many benefits of thick, healthy and beautiful turf. Since 1981 our goal has always been to provide our customers with a quality product at a fair price. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer all your lawn care questions. Our Turf Applicators are trained and licensed in Minnesota & Wisconsin.

Company History

Evergreen Lawn Service began business in the spring of 1981; starting with an old Lawn Boy mower, an electric trimmer and a used Chevrolet pickup truck. The first season consisted of all lawn mowing and lawn cleanups, and about 30 customers. Our Fertilizing and Weed Control Program started the 2nd year with 20+ customers. Our Organic-Based Lawn Program was developed in 1996 and gives customers that are "chemical sensitive" a chance to improve their turf without the use of pesticides.

Since that time, Evergreen Lawn Service of Duluth, Inc., has grown to become the largest lawn spraying company north of Minneapolis serving the northern Minnesota and Wisconsin areas. Adding customers one by one, Evergreen has competed with and surpassed all competitors to become the leader of the lawn care industry in the area, which currently provides service to over 1500 customers.

Paul Miller, the company founder, has been active with associations including Minnesota Pesticide Information & Education (MN PIE). Professional Lawn Care Association of America (PLCAA), and the City of Duluth Task Force.

"Since the beginning in 1981, our goal has always been to provide our customers with quality service at a fair price. Today that business strategy is still utilized and will be enforced into the future." ~PAUL MILLER, Company Founder

Customer Testimonials

Our dedication to your lawn is second to none but don’t take our word for it...

  • Evergreen Lawn Service has been providing service to our lawns at Wells Fargo Banks in Duluth for over 30 years. We have always been pleased with the service and quality they deliver. ~Mike Mohlzahn, Regional Property Manager at Wells Fargo Bank, Duluth

  • I have had Evergreen Lawn Service take care of my lawns at 3 different homes since 1983. They have always done a great job and kept a very high quality service. I have recommended them to friends who have told me they, too, have been satisfied with the high level of quality. I will recommend them again! ~Doug Janzig, Hermantown Homeowner

  • Our family has used Evergreen Lawn Service for over twenty years. We highly recommend them for excellent work, reasonable rates, and most importantly, reliability. ~Caryn Fox, Duluth Homeowner

  • Our lawns at US Bank in Duluth & Cloquet have been treated by Evergreen Lawn Service for several years. Their lawn program keeps our lawns looking their best. ~Dennis Lamkin, US Bank, Duluth

  • After reading a lot about what a quality, weed-free lawn can do for the environment, I knew I needed to do something for my home and at the lake. Working with a locally-owned and operated company like Evergreen Lawn Service would be my best option. The proof speaks for itself! My yards are beautiful and the relationship we have developed with them is priceless. I suggest you call...you will never look back. ~Ron DeGrio, Duluth Homeowner

  • Curb appeal is very important in our business. Evergreen Lawn Service has always been reliable in keeping our lawn neat and green! ~D. Schlichting, Curtis Oil & Propane, Hermantown

  • Our many lawn areas at St Mary’s and the Duluth Clinic have been treated with the Evergreen Lawn Service’s Organic-Based lawn program for many years. The dependability, quality and service have been fantastic. Their timing is great and they have always been on schedule. I can set my watch by them! Very satisfied. ~John Kmiech, Team Leader Ground Maintenance, SMDC Duluth

Our Team

Company Founder & President Paul

Vice President Kay

Office Manager Daina

Pest Control Applicator Rob

Lawn Applicator