HelpDesk Tickets

Elementary Schools ONLY. This has not been deployed for the High School!

We have deployed a new way to submit requests for technical support. It is a process of sending an email which automatically creates a HelpDesk Ticket!

How do you submit a ticket?

Simply send an email to <<Click on this link to create an email! The ticketing system (a product called Spiceworks) will receive the request and generate a ticket that can then be tracked from start to finish. During the process of fulfilling the request, the system will generate emails back to you (the submitter), notifying you that the ticket was created, updated, and completed. If you want to add anything to the ticket, it's as simple as replying to the automated emails and your comments are added to the ticket.


We ask that each ticket you enter via email still include the following:

  • Subject should include descriptive words about the request
  • Details about the request
  • What building you are in
  • What room you are in (Room number, wing, etc)
  • If possible and if related to your request, what the name of your computer is.