Anthelion Synchronizing Technology

Async Technology brings several features together for a unique product.

Our products adapt to the power and wiring of your installation.

Our products are designed to be practical, easy to install, and with design consistency across all products.

Designed For Retrofitting Applications

Instead of re-wiring your existing fixtures or installation, you can simply make use of the existing wiring and add in our lights with little to no modifications.

Non-Polarized Power Input

There is no concern on how to connect power wires to any of our products., there is no polarity.

Connect everything however works best with your local laws and regulations.

No Data Wires Required

No additional data lines are required to control our lights.

Simply supply power to them, and connect them, everything else is taken care of automagically.

Standard Wall Switch And Dimmer Compatible

All products work seamlessly with any wall switches or dimmers that may already exist.

Simply connect any product through it's 12 VAC transformer to any wall switch or dimmer, and you are done.

12 VAC Powered

Power requirements can be costly and difficult to deal with, 12VAC is readily available, robust and cost effective.

All our products are designed to work on 12VAC to allow easy installation for anyone.

12 VAC is low voltage and less restricted then other power formats. Making our products safer, and more efficient.

No Controller Required

There is no costly controller required, there is no app download required, there is no special training or certification required.

Our lights work with your existing wiring and standard wall switches or dimmers.

The controls are simple, people intuitively know how to use them right away.

There is no learning curve, and no contractors required to program anything.

Synchronization Between All Products

All products will synchronize between themselves when connected to the same switch or dimmer.

Multiple lighting zones can be created using a combination of wall dimmers, plus one master dimmer.

Additionally, synchronizing lights is as easy as turning them on and off again.

Embedded Colours And Shows

Every light comes with all the colour modes and shows built in, this provides you with all the options you will need in every day use.

There is no need to pay additional to have someone set up, commission, or program your installation.

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Granted Patents: US6616291, US6902308