Second Grade Newsletter

Updates for the week of: December 3rd - 7th

Next week’s curriculum focus:


Next week, students will keep practicing reading nonfiction books, finding the features and understanding the reasons why we have them available. They are learning that in order to find information we do not have to read the whole book, we can go directly to whatever we need to find out.


Next week we will practice writing some other features all non fiction books need to have in order for students to have a better idea on what to do when the time comes and we get ready to write our own nonfiction book.


Next week students will be practicing about our skills we have learned in the past 3 weeks. We will review adding and subtracting using vertical way, solving equations with tape diagrams and solving word problems. We will also practice solving 2-step word problems with some guidance.

Second Step:

Next week we will learn about Managing Embarrassment. They will practice that naming a feeling can be useful when they are upset or overwhelmed by a strong emotion.



Estimados padres de familia,

Los temas a estudiar esta semana serán:

ü Textos informativos

ü Lluvia de ideas para crear un texto informativo

ü Investigación para el texto informativo

Visita a la Biblioteca: Práctica de las expectativas de lectura y elección de libros usando las estrategias de selección.

Proyecto: Adjetivos calificativos.

Agradecemos todo el apoyo que nos brinde para la clase.

Les deseamos un feliz fin de semana.

2-A y B

Ms. Eva Pérez


Ms. Claudia Molina

Eva Perez Arteaga Primary Spanish Teacher

American Nicaraguan School

Managua, Nicaragua |

+(505) 2252 - 7310 | +1-786-269-2117

Upcoming Events

  • December 6th: Santa’s pictures for 2nd graders! Permission slips are already handed out, please fill them in and turn them in with C$100.

December 14:

  • 7:15-8:00 am, Grades 1-5 Winter Show, Covered Athletic Area
  • 9:00-9:45 am, K3-K5 Winter Show, Covered Athletic Area.
  • 11: 00 am Dismissal

  • January 17: Muffins with Mom, 6:45-7:00 am, Primary School Patio


  1. Read on Raz Kids.
  2. Math Practice on Zearn or Freckle.

Thank you for your support at home. Please feel free to contact us by email at any time.

Kind Regards,

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Ms. Damaris

Ms. Ana 2C:


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