Ms. Candice's Office

Anna District 37

Anna, IL

618-833-8022 Davie/Jr High

618-833-6851 Lincoln School

Welcome to the office of Nurse Candice! I am here to give you the best advice for your students along with updates that you may need to know!

It is required to wear a mask in Illinois when you go into a public building where social distancing is not possible!

It is time to sign up for the Kinsa Thermometer Program! If you are new to Anna District 37 in any way, whether is be student, staff or teacher please take the opportunity to sign up now! With all that is going on in our world thermometers have become a mainstay! This is a completely FREE and CONFIDENTIAL program. Your personal information will never be shared. You will be required to download the Kinsa App to get your thermometer. Once you do, make sure to follow all steps and add your child's school. This step finishes the process. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Please note this is only for those who did not get a thermometer last year.

Know the difference in symptoms!

Watch this video to learn how to safely put on and take off your mask without contaminating your mask or yourself.