Western Mass Demo Day 2019

Thursday, June 13th

Western Mass Demo Day Connects Local Startups to Investors.

Video overview of the event (<4 min)

This is an invite-only event for active & accredited investors to hear pitches from startups with a connection to Western Massachusetts. Startups get an optimized way to meet a room full of different investors, many with a strong interest in companies connected to the region. Investors get a first look at the startups, meet the founders, and network with other investors.

This event is organized by a coalition of the region's startup investors including: Launch413, River Valley Investors, Springfield Venture Fund, Milltown Capital, Alchemy Fund, Golden Seeds, the Maroon Fund, and the event is hosted by our friends at Valley Venture Mentors. For regulatory compliance reasons, representatives of other investment groups & funds who wish to attend need simply request an invitation. Members of the local entrepreneurship ecosystem who wish to observe may also request an invitation.

Value Proposition for Startups

If you want to raise money now or in the near future, Western MA Demo Day puts you in a room full of people with money, who actively invest in companies like you, and who are keen to be helpful. And... there is no fee to apply or participate!

How it Works

  1. Entrepreneurs review the selection criteria and investor profiles (below). They can register for an info session (all via video-conference) if they want to speak directly to the organizers.
  2. Startups apply by June 4th @ 11:59pm (applications now closed)
  3. Who has and does not have a slot at the event is announced via email by June 7th @ 11:59pm.
  4. Demo Day is on June 13th and is a full day event. It begins with 5-minute pitches to the investors (so they can determine which companies are of interest to them). This is followed by structured, speed due diligence sessions to help investors & startups suss out if they are a fit. Investors interested in a startup will leave their contact information. Startups interested in the investors will follow up :). Like any demo day, this is just the beginning of the "dating" process and it takes months to get a firm yes or no.

Startup Selection Criteria

Investor Profiles

Launch413: Helps companies close their seed round and then scale. Uses a royalty financing model.

Invested in 8 companies last year.

River Valley Investors: Seeking high growth-potential companies. Typically an equity investor, open to royalty financing.

Invested in 8 companies last year.

Springfield Venture Fund: Seeking high growth-potential companies. with (or be willing to create) a substantive presence in the city of Springfield, MA.

Invested in multiple companies last year.

Alchemy Fund: Seeking startups who want investment and to add veteran executive co-founders so they can scale to high-value companies.

Invested in 4 companies last year.

Maroon Fund: Seeking early stage, high growth-potential companies linked to UMass Amherst.

Invested in multiple companies last year.

Milltown Capital: Seeking companies based in Western Massachusetts, especially in the Berkshires. Typically an equity investor, open to royalty financing.

Invested in 7 local companies to date.

Golden Seeds: Seeking companies with gender-diverse management teams within the B2B & B2C technology, health care, and consumer products or services industries .

Actively seeking new companies to invest in.

Event Host

Please be sure to check out Valley Venture Mentor's big bash event, Springfield Startup Fest, taking place the day before demo day.


  • 9:00 am - Registration
  • 9:20 am - Orientation
  • 9:30 am - Investor introductions
  • 9:45 am - Morning presenters (first half)
  • 10:40 am - Break
  • 10:55 am - Morning presenters (second half)
  • 12:05 pm - Working lunch, due diligence sessions
  • 12:55 pm - Break
  • 1:10 pm - Afternoon presenters (first half)
  • 2:05 pm - Break
  • 2:20 pm - Afternoon presenters (second half)
  • 3:10 pm - Due diligence sessions
  • 4:00 pm - Break
  • 4:15 pm - Postmortems (feedback on how to make next year's version of the event better)

Presenting Startups

Morning Presenters

SolaBlock - The pioneers of Vertical Solar, integrating PV technology with construction, creating rugged, self-powered, decentralized buildings.

Aclarity - Aclarity develops electrochemical devices for various applications by removing pathogens, metals, and other impurities from water.

FA Match - We are a career management platform for financial advisors.

Pay4Education - A decision tool that helps families make personalized financial decisions when "purchasing" all four years of college, up front.

Vivify - A mobile/web app that creates and organizes "memories" at the moment they occur and houses them permanently in a private cloud-based vault.

Fields Center - Providing children with autism efficient and effective services

Lioness For The Female Entrepreneur - Lioness gives women the latest news, tools and resources to launch and scale high-growth startups.

PartRunner - On-Demand deliveries for the Trade and Construction Industries

Thimble.io - Online curriculum and hands-on kits for secondary schools that teach students robotics, coding, and tech skills.

Ompractice - The online platform for live, interactive yoga and meditation you can take from anywhere - with a teacher that sees you.

Carv - Carv is a resource management tool that answers core business questions by bridging the gap between sales and resourcing

Autodrop3d - Fully Autonomous 3D Design, Printing and Manufacturing.

Vector Health - Engaging with patients post-clinic to improve treatment and appointment adherence

RecordME - RecordME helps musicians & venues make more money! Studio recordings & streaming services at a fraction of the price of traditional studios.

True Given - A platform that allows organizations to discover, invest and engage in college students

Final Thoughts - Improving mental health outcomes for patients, family members, and unpaid caregivers

Homestead - Converting conventional oil heating systems to locally produced biofuel.

Bookflow - The world's first online writing mentor with an organizational framework to help get projects finished and publication-ready.

Afternoon Presenters

WoofTrax - Connecting Pet Brands with their customers who care about cause marketing.

Fabber - We make fabrication software that controls robots that build anything cars to furniture.

The People's Kitchen - Feeding the community: The People’s Kitchen is a shared, 3,500 square foot commercial kitchen in Springfield.

The Everywhere Office - We help business reduce overhead by giving them on-demand access to flexible office space so they can save money and grow their business.

Springfield Macarons - Baking mouth watering French Macarons daily with "no fluff" since 2016.

SolarFi - Affordable solar stations enabled with internet and education for the 1.5 billion people living off grid

21st Biotech - 21st Biotech, creators of Renovare, aim to help treat millions of people whom suffer from skin related injuries up to two times as fast.

BLENDi - BLENDi is a hand held portable blender. We are working on creating a wellness brand with more products as well.

Draba - Local showcase and discovery platform for local events, talent, and businesses.

Notehouse - Simple, affordable, user friendly software for everyone who takes notes on humans.

MyDevData - Proposal productivity software for consultants in the development aid micro-niche.

TernBooking - TernBooking is like a 401(k) for vacation combined with an online travel agency to promote a happy and healthy work-life balance.

Viibe - Viibe is an subscription based data analytics and promotional tool that helps users find local events and experiences.

Wellspring Harvest Corporation - Wellspring Harvest is Springfield's year round source of lettuce and produce while providing jobs for low income cityresidents.

Algo Futures / Sceeto - Developers of Trading Bots & IP, That Expands the Intelligence, Reach & Capabilities of Commodity Traders So That They Are More Successful.

MiCoachee - MiCoachee is a wellness technology company specializing in AI and behavior retention solutions for wellness centers and their members.