Andromeda Solutions, LLC is a woman-owned company proudly based in Venango County, Pennsylvania. Our company provides technical consulting services principally related to data collection, management, visualization, and analysis with specialization in handling geospatial data. Notable services include web-based mapping, open-source solutions, cartographical representation, multi-criteria suitability analysis, and geoprocessing automation using Python programming. 

We believe your time is invaluable. 

Don't let it go to waste. Let us design solutions that automate tedious workflows and save your precious time. 

We believe everyone deserves stunning maps and visuals.

Don't settle for bland, out-of-the-box stuff. Let us create custom works that meet needs, wow viewers, and provoke thought. 

We believe the world needs evidence-based truth.

Don't keep all that data to yourself. Let us transform your spreadsheets into insights and revelations worth sharing.

Meet Alex

Alexandria Shreffler is the founder and CEO of Andromeda Solutions, LLC (2023). She obtained her Master's degree in Geographic Information Systems from Penn State University (2021) following her dual Psychology and Environmental Studies degree from Allegheny College (2018). She is passionate about designing creative visual elements and uncovering solutions to improve efficiency. 

Flexible, Tier-Based Service Offerings


General Consulting

professional advice on geospatial solutions, planning workflows, methods, design, and applications.

Basic Data Entry & Acquisition

research and report on the existence of data available or the collection of data to be rendered spatial through technical equipment and methods. 

Needs Analysis

process of identifying and evaluating needs regarding geographic information systems.


Spatial Analysis

examination, assessment, evaluation, and modeling of spatial data to discover insights and reveal new information. 

Remote Sensing

interpretation of aerial imagery and LiDAR data. 

Static Cartography

graphical representation of spatial data, including the construction of projections, design, compilation, drafting, and production of maps. 


Programming & Technical Assistance

development of custom scripts, code, and tools or interpretation of existing code. 

Web Map Application Development

creation of custom interactive web map applications for long-term use. 

Data Management

hosting and/or maintaining spatial data in a cloud-based environment. 

125 work-hours invested to-date

2 clients served