Voucher Codes for Woodfarm Barns & Barges

Your secret voucher code!

You found the secret Woodfarm voucher code! Well done!

To get a FREE BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE and a box of boutique LUXURY CHOCOLATES when you arrive at Woodfarm Barns or Barges just enter the code below during the booking process:


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Voucher codes - why?

Voucher codes are now a part of every day life online. Almost always when buying something, or booking a holiday, you'll see a small box for entering a voucher code. Sometimes a voucher code will get you some money off something, but we think the best voucher codes are the ones that get you something a little extra for your money. That's why we've written this secret Woodfarm Barns & Barges voucher code website. Yes, that's right. This site was written by the people behind Woodfarm Barns and Woodfarm Barges, that's how you can be sure these voucher codes will work perfectly!

So why would we here at Woodfarm want people to be able to find a secret voucher page? Well the answer is simple. We do everything we possibly can to make the experience of booking with, and staying with us here at Woodfarm as brilliant as possible. Once you're with us you'll see just how keen we are about the little things. The details. It's this attention to the details that makes our Barns and Barges such a joy to stay at. We're really proud that we have thought of (almost) everything. So by hiding this voucher code away in a random spot on the Internet we're giving our guests yet another way to get a little bit more from their holiday.

How to use the voucher codes

During the booking process you'll see a small box for voucher codes, it's near the bottom of the page. Just enter the code you see above in that box and when you complete your booking we'll make sure that the super special voucher code special offer is applied automatically. You should see something like the image below.