Ethics for Technologists

A Public Lecture Series out of Carnegie Mellon University


The buzz around “Tech for Social Good” has left us wondering...what’s “Social Good”? How do we define it? How do you build it into your product? How do we find sites of accountability for problems and solutions? Arguably, the “Tech” part is comparatively easy.

Ethics for Technologists is a new monthly(-ish) lecture series to help technologists & engineers identify and accomplish their own beliefs and goals with regards to ethical considerations. We aim to equip you will personal tools for action rather than describe or despair particular issues.

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Technology and Tactics: A Manifesto for Sociotechnical Liberation

September 16, 2019


Gates-Hillman Center, Room 4405


As we stare down the barrel of a technocapitalist apocalypse, we find ourselves with questions to answer. Will we work to salvage the existing world, or work to imagine and create new ones? What is the role of technologists in this work - and how do we determine whether and when pragmatic, reformist tactics or utopian, radical tactics are appropriate?

These are not new questions, because oppression is not a new phenomenon. Other movements, in other moments, have confronted and answered these questions. In this talk I will explore what the current debates around high technology can learn from current and historical campaigns (including the gay rights, black liberation and trans liberation movements) and map out possible ways to approach liberation through a diversity of tactics.

About the Speaker

Os Keyes is a researcher and writer based at the University of Washington, where they study gender, technology and (counter)power. Current projects cover facial recognition, critical tactics for technology, and the consequences of classification. They are the inaugural recipient of an Ada Lovelace Fellowship, and have been published in Slate, Real Life, Logic, and Scientific American.