Welcome to 2018 - 2019!!

I am looking forward to a new year here at ACAS. I hope you are too and have the proper "Mind Set" planned for the year.

This is my 23rd year teaching science and my 13th year at the alternative school. Middle school can be a difficult time for most students. Keys to help you be successful are: Ask For Help; Study Every Night; Take Notes; Stay Out of Drama; and Do Your Best Work!

We are here to help you be successful, but you have to do your share to succeed!

Please feel free to contact your teachers and ask for help! Communication is the key!

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6th Grade Syllabus

1st Nine Weeks


Air Systems


Water Cycle

2nd Nine Weeks



Electricity and Magnetism

7th Grade Syllabus

1st Nine Weeks

Atoms, Elements, Periodic Table

Properties and Changes of Matter

2nd Nine Weeks

Acids and Bases

Human Body Systems

Cell Structure

8th Grade Syllabus

1st Nine Weeks

Motion and Forces

Wave Properties and Sound

2nd Nine Weeks

Electromagnetic Waves and Light

The Sun

The Solar System

Solar Eclipse 2017

Full Moon

Cathy's Creek Falls

Boat Crew SeaQuest

Skinny Dip Falls

Catalina Islands,

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Sunset

Jupiter Island Lighthouse


Fishing Spider


Fenway Park, Boston

Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox