Summer immersion in Spain

Live with a welcoming host family this summer and experience Spanish culture! You'll travel with a group of students and a bilingual chaperone.

Due to global uncertainty regarding COVID-19, we are no longer accepting new applications for programs abroad

Immerse yourself in the Spanish lifestyle this summer with our homestay program in Spain! Explore your new hometown, cook up paella with your host family, and improve your Spanish with your new friends. What better way to learn about Spanish culture than to live it?

Trip Details


Host family immersion with 2-day tour of Madrid and Toledo at the end of the trip.


Group travel from Portland or Seattle. You will fly with a bilingual chaperone. Our flights connect through Iceland. On the return home, spend the night in Iceland and experience the beautiful landscapes and dip your toes in hot springs.


June 20 to July 13, 2020



Deadline to apply

January 31st, 2020

Eligible for Scholarship?

Yes. Find out more about the ANDEO Summer Abroad Scholarship.


Age: 14-17

Language: 2 years by time of travel

Teacher Recommendation: Yes

If you have a strong desire to put your language skills into action, and feel ready to dive into a different lifestyle and culture, then this program is for you! You won’t spend a lot of time with other American students, and you should not expect to do a lot of traveling, but you will get an unforgettable glimpse into life as a Spanish teen.


Round-trip airfare from Portland International Airport. If you don't live in the Portland area, you are welcome to book a flight to meet the group.

Experienced bilingual chaperone who will travel with the group and check in with you while you are abroad.

A homestay with a local host family who is looking forward to including you in their day-to-day life. You will get the most out of an immersion program if you are engaged, curious, and open to all the family activities.

Opportunities to meet local teens, either in your home or in the extended family or neighborhood, who are eager to spend time with you and and share cultures.

Support from the local coordinator who will be available throughout your stay to help you make the most of your homestay experience.

Orientation materials with information about Spain and practical advice on how to get ready for your cross-cultural adventure.

ANDEO staff support for you and your parents throughout the application process, in your preparation, and during your stay abroad.

Comprehensive medical and accident insurance.

Two days of sightseeing in Madrid and Toledo.

Overnight in Iceland at the end of the trip with a hot springs tour.

Informational meeting

Tune in and learn about Spanish homestay programs for Summer 2020! These immersion-based trips are your chance to stay with a host family, practice Spanish with native speakers, and learn about the local culture.

Watch the recorded webinar meeting to learn more about Spanish homestay programs!

Program Chaperone

Lindsay Zolotoff

¡Hola! I am Lindsay Zolotoff and this is my 12th year teaching Spanish. I have 9 years of previous experience at Newberg High School and this is my 3rd year at Wilsonville High School. I am an Oregon native, graduate of Wilson High School, Oregon State University and George Fox University. My husband Nick, is a fellow educator and we have two children, Finn (8 in May) and Emilia (5 in June.) My parents introduced me to international travel at a young age, encouraging a love of culture and adventure. I highly value cross-cultural experiences, it is my belief that exposure to other cultures is incredibly important. If you want to truly understand a culture, or speak a language – there’s no better way than to live it!

Believe it or not, the path leading to my career as a Spanish teacher began with my first immersion experience the summer of my junior year of high school through Andeo! My passion for the Spanish language and cultures was cemented after spending a month living with a very special Mexican family in Cuernavaca, Mexico. To this day, my host family and I are in close contact and have visited one another over six times. Just last summer, my husband, children and I traveled to Puebla, Mexico to spend two weeks with them. Thanks to the summer I spent with them through Andeo, I have an extended family that will forever hold a very special place in my heart.

The country of Spain specifically, is something of an obsession of mine. I first visited in college studying for a term at the University of Cantabria in Santander, northern Spain. I simply fell in love with the country. Upon graduation from OSU, I was fortunate enough to receive a year-long internship at the University of Cantabria teaching English as a foreign language. When my husband and I were married, I could think of no other place that I’d love to share with him. Our timing was perfect as we got to witness the Spanish national team win the world cup from a plaza in Sevilla, a vibrant and unforgettable experience to say the least.

Spain is an incredibly diverse country, with so much to see and do. Madrid is literally at the center of it all. As you can see, I continue seeking opportunities to return to the country that has stolen my heart. This will be my second time chaperoning the trip and is bound to be the experience of a lifetime for all of us.

Program Coordinator

Stephanie Harrison


Office hours: M-Th 9:00am-5:00pm

Stephanie has lived with 4 different host families throughout her travel experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine, as a study abroad student in Germany and in Indonesia. Her first homestay experience in high school was in Germany, she did a program just like this one! She spent 4 weeks living with a German host family and has gone back to visit them multiple times over the years. They will forever be her German family and hold a very special place in her life. She is passionate about cultural exchange and can't wait to support students on their 2020 international summer adventure!

Why travel with ANDEO?

We love homestays! We have specialized in homestay travel since 1981. We truly believe that the best way to experience another culture and improve your language skills is by sharing everyday life with a welcoming host family.

We have first-hand experience traveling and living with host families. Our staff members have all lived with host families abroad and understand the joys and challenges of homestays. We are ready to support you in your cross-cultural adventure.

ANDEO staff members have personally visited each of our partner schools and organizations, and we work directly with these partners to coordinate each program.

You will never be a number. Our programs are small and our service is personal. Even though we have worked with thousands of students, we are proud of the personalized service and strong support we give our participants (and their parents, too!).

Established in 1981, our mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding and friendship through homestays and educational programs.