Summer immersion in Mexico

Live with a welcoming Mexican host family this summer! For this program you'll travel with a group and be escorted on the flight by a chaperone who will check in with you while you're abroad.

Due to global uncertainty regarding COVID-19, we are no longer accepting new applications for programs abroad

Bienvenidos! Share a few weeks of your summer with a host family practicing Spanish, exploring Mexican cuisine, discovering ancient pyramids, and making new friends. This full immersion homestay program is the ideal way to experience daily life in Mexico from a local's perspective.

Trip Details


Host Family Immersion


Group. You will travel with a group and a bilingual chaperone who will support your experience.


Tentative travel dates: July 12 - August 1, 2020

Program Fee


Application deadline

January 31, 2020


Age: 14-17

Language: 2 years by time of travel

Teacher Recommendation: Yes

If you have a strong desire to put your language skills into action, and feel ready to dive into a different lifestyle and culture, then this program is for you! You won’t spend a lot of time with other American students, and you should not expect to do a lot of traveling, but you will get an unforgettable glimpse into life as a Mexican teen.


Round-trip airfare from Portland International Airport to Mexico City. If you live outside the Portland area, you can fly to Portland and connect with the group.

Experienced, bilingual chaperone who will accompany you on the flight and check in with you while in Mexico.

A homestay with a local host family who is looking forward to including you in their day-to-day life. You will get the most out of an immersion program if you are engaged, curious, and open to all the family activities.

Opportunities to meet local teens, either in your home or in the extended family or neighborhood, who are eager to spend time with you and and share cultures.

Support from the local coordinator who will be available throughout your stay to help you make the most of your homestay experience.

Orientation materials with information about Mexico and practical advice on how to get ready for your cross-cultural adventure.

ANDEO staff support for you and your parents throughout the application process, in your preparation, and during your stay abroad.

Comprehensive medical and accident insurance.

Local transport to and from the airport with your host family or a local coordinator.

3-day tour of Mexico City.

Informational meeting

Tune in and learn about Spanish homestay programs for Summer 2020! These immersion-based trips are your chance to stay with a host family, practice Spanish with native speakers, and learn about the local culture.

Watch the recorded webinar meeting to learn more about Spanish homestay programs!

Program Structure

You will be met at the airport by your host family and/or a local coordinator. You will have the unique opportunity to learn about Mexican culture from a Mexican family and eat, sleep, and play like the Mexicans do. At the end of your stay you will meet with the rest of the group and your chaperone for a 3 day tour of Mexico City and travel home together. Throughout your stay, you will have the support of the local coordinator.

Chaperone: Lisa Notman

Hi! My name is Lisa Notman and I'm very excited to be a part of Andeo's Mexico program this summer. I've been teaching Spanish since 2015, when I started my master's degree in Spanish at Portland State University. I still teach at PSU as an Adjunct Senior Instructor of Spanish and also teach 8th grade and dual-immersion high school Spanish at Northwest Academy. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy hiking all around the Northwest, attending trivia nights with friends, and reading all of my favorite Latin American authors. I'm currently working on a second master's degree in Postsecondary Adult and Continuing Education with an emphasis on community based and service learning. I'm a firm believer that getting out into communities and into the world is one of the best ways for us to grow as language learners and as humans. I love Latin America and have spent time in Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico. Each time, I'm amazed at how much I learn and my eyes are opened to how much I still want to learn about these places. I'm excited to share that experience with students this year!

Why travel with ANDEO?

We love homestays! We have specialized in homestay travel since 1981. We truly believe that the best way to experience another culture and improve your language skills is by sharing everyday life with a welcoming host family.

We have first-hand experience traveling and living with host families. Our staff members have all lived with host families abroad and understand the joys and challenges of homestays. We are ready to support you in your cross-cultural adventure.

ANDEO staff members have personally visited each of our partner schools and organizations, and we work directly with these partners to coordinate each program.

You will never be a number. Our programs are small and our service is personal. Even though we have worked with thousands of students, we are proud of the personalized service and strong support we give our participants (and their parents, too!).

Established in 1981, our mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding and friendship through homestays and educational programs.