Spanish and Culture in Costa Rica

For this program, you'll travel independently and be met at the airport in San Jose by a program representative. Choose your dates between June 29 and July 28 and stay 2 to 4 weeks.

Welcome to Costa Rica! Spend your summer immersed in the beauty of Spanish language and culture while living with a host family and attending Summer Spanish Camp. Start your day with a delicious local food, discover your Costa Rica hometown with your new, international friends, and develop your Spanish through animated conversations with hosts!

Trip Details


Homestay with Spanish classes and cultural activities.


Travel independently. You'll be met at the airport in San Jose upon arrival.


2 weeks: $2,700*

3 weeks: $3,700*

4 weeks: $4,700*

*Airfare not included.


Choose your dates between June 29 and July 28 and stay for 2 to 4 weeks!

Application Deadline

April 15, 2019


A homestay with a local host family who is looking forward to including you in their day-to-day life. You will get the most out of an immersion program if you are engaged, curious, and open to all the family activities.

Opportunities to meet local teens, either in your home or in the extended family or neighborhood, who are eager to spend time with you and and share cultures.

Support from the local coordinator who will be available throughout your stay to help you make the most of your homestay experience.

Orientation materials with information about Spain and practical advice on how to get ready for your cross-cultural adventure.

ANDEO staff support for you and your parents throughout the application process, in your preparation, and during your stay abroad.

Comprehensive medical and accident insurance.

Local transport to and from the airport with your host family or a local coordinator. You'll ride a student shuttle to and from school each day.


  • Age: 14-17
  • Have completed at least 2 years of high school Spanish by the end of the 2018/19 school year.
  • Be curious about what daily life is like in another country, be ready to push yourself, and be motivated to put your Spanish skills to the test!

Why travel with aNDEO?

We love homestays! We have specialized in homestay travel since 1981. We truly believe that the best way to experience another culture and improve your language skills is by sharing everyday life with a welcoming host family.

We have first-hand experience traveling and living with host families. Our staff members have all lived with host families abroad and understand the joys and challenges of homestays. We are ready to support you in your cross-cultural adventure.

ANDEO staff members have personally visited each of our partner schools and organizations, and we work directly with these partners to coordinate each program.

You will never be a number. Our programs are small and our service is personal. Even though we have worked with thousands of students, we are proud of the personalized service and strong support we give our participants (and their parents, too!).

Established in 1981, our mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding and friendship through homestays and educational programs.