live with a host Family in Portland

Stay with a local host while you study at a Portland area college, university, or English language school.

Are you a college or university student planning to study in Oregon or Southern Washington? Consider living with an American host family! A homestay will give you plenty of opportunities to practice English and learn about the everyday life and culture in the USA as part of a family.

homestay options

Term Homestay:

Please apply for a Term Homestay if you plan to attend a school listed below. At the end of each term you may extend your homestay or move to other accommodations. You may also choose to leave your homestay at any time during the term; we just ask that you tell ANDEO and your host at least two weeks in advance.

Placement Fee: $415 for students starting September 2019 through July 2021 (non-refundable)

Cost per term: $235/week for September 2019 through August 2021

Dates: Plan to begin your homestay 1-4 days before the first day you need to be on campus & end your homestay 1-4 days after your last day of exams.

Monthly Homestay:

You may apply for a Monthly Homestay only if you receive a monthly government scholarship or attend a language school that is on a monthly schedule. (If you plan to attend one of ANDEO's partner colleges or universities for at least one term and do not receive a government scholarship, we ask that you apply for the Term Homestay.)


A homestay with a local host who is looking forward to including you in their day-to-day life. You will get the most out of a homestay if you are willing and able to participate in conversations with your host in English, curious, excited to learn about and adapt to your hosts lifestyle, and open to participating in household activities.

Private bedroom, access to a study area, and internet access. You might share a bathroom with other household members.

Three meals per day. You will make your own breakfast & lunch. Dinner will be together with one or more household members most evenings.

Public transportation will be in walking distance of the home.

Orientation materials with information about the Portland area and practical advice on how to get ready for your cross-cultural adventure.

ANDEO staff support for you and your parents throughout the application process, in your preparation, and during your homestay.

Local transport to and from the airport or other Portland area location at the beginning and end of your homestay, except for Willamette University students.

Questions we can answer?

Email your questions to and we'll post answers to the FAQ page.