Summer Hosting

Invite an international teen to experience summer as a member of your family and make a connection across cultures that could last for decades.

Welcome an international teen into your family this summer and discover your life from a new perspective. Have fun as you make a new friend.

Hosting Dates

June 21 to July 12- Spanish teens from Madrid (ages 14-17)

June 27 to July 24: French teens from various regions of France (ages 14-17)

June 30 to July 20: Spanish teens from the Basque Region (ages 14-17).

July 1 to July 28: French teens from various regions of France (ages 14-17)

July 30 to Aug 24: French teens from various regions of France (ages 14-17)

If you would prefer to host during the school year, check out our school visitor dates.

If you're looking for a program where the students have classes and activities during the work week, check out our college hosting program.

Who can host?

The immersion program is a great for families throughout Oregon and Washington who have teens at home. If you don't have teens, let us know and we may be able to find a way to make it work.

Already have plans? You can still host! Your student can join you on family trips, summer camps, overnights, and other plans. Just let us know what you've got going on, and we'll help facilitate it.

"[My kids] learned about other cultures and foods and family customs. We all enjoyed having a reason to be a tourist in our own town and seeing our city through the eyes of a visitor. "

-2018 host

Why host?

It's great for everyone

True to the nature of exchange, both students and host families reap the benefits that come with cultural exchanges. Hosting is fun, it's rewarding, and you learn as much about yourself as you do about the world.

"Empathy, sharing, friendship, tolerance, respect—all those! Also, not only did our exchange student learn about our culture, but our son improved his French and learned about that culture." - 2018 host

Bring the classroom to life

Hosting an international student can (re)ignite a curiosity for other languages, cultures, customs, cuisine, and so much more. You may have learned about French or Spanish culture in your high school language class, but those lessons come alive when you are living with a French or Spanish teen who shares stories, recipes, and traditions from home.

Create a global family

Although students come for just a few weeks at a time, many stay in touch with their host families for years after their trip. Sometimes students may return to visit, or host families go to their student's home to experience the other side of the exchange. Whether you see each other again in person or just stay in touch through social media, hosting can be the beginning of a life-long relationship that spans countries and continents.

Gain, and share, new perspectives

Welcoming an international visitor is a great opportunity to learn about another perspective, but it also gives you the chance to reflect on your own. Sharing traditions, explaining habits and customs to your student, and discussing opinions on a variety of subjects can allow you to step back and see your own culture from the perspective of your student.

What's it like to host an Exchange student?

Host families share a few more benefits to hosting:

"We've hosted several exchange students in the past. My kids enjoy "expanding" our family and having interaction with a variety of cultures without having to leave their own home. I think the experience gives them broader perspective of other cultures, the similarities of all people and piques their interest even more about the possibilities in the world that they live in."