Host a College Student

Host a college student who will be attending English language and culture classes for 1 - 4 weeks in Portland or Vancouver.

ANDEO welcomes students and teachers from international universities to the greater Portland area for short stays of 1 to 4 weeks during the winter and summer. The students look forward to living in an American household as a way to practice their English, experience American culture first-hand, and deepen their discovery of the Pacific Northwest. On weekdays, they take part in classes and activities and spend evenings and weekends getting to know their hosts.

2020 WINTER Dates

Feb 13 to Mar 7: Japanese college students participating in the Field Study Program (PSU)

Feb 15 to Mar 8: Japanese college students from Kyoto Sangyo University (PSU)

Mar 8 to Mar 15: Japanese nursing students Jikei University (PSU)

Who can host?

This is a great program for families and hosts within a 60-minute commute to campus via public transportation. If the commute from your home to campus is longer than 60 minutes, you would still be eligible to host if you could assist your student to and from a transit center.

Check your commute on public transportation to Portland State University (PSU), Lewis & Clark College, Clark College, or Concordia University with Trimet or Google!

Basic Hosting Responsibilities

Hosts provide three meals per day (self-serve breakfast, supplies to make a sack lunch for school, and a family dinner), a private room, and plenty of day-to-day interaction and conversation in the evenings and on weekends. Students look forward to discussions and meals with their hosts and hope to experience American daily life. We provide a moderate stipend to help offset some the costs associated with hosting. Stipends vary depending on program. Feel free to ask!

Commuting to School

The commute to campus should be less than 60 minutes on public transportation (Andeo provides TriMet tickets) unless you can drive part or all the way to/from school. Be prepared to assist your student on the first day of school with learning to ride public transportation between home and the transfer station or all the way to school. We will assist students when they get downtown.

Additionally, we will ask hosts to assist with transportation for early-morning or late-night events with the program, such as when groups attend a Blazers game or take a day-trip to Seattle.

Program Placements

We take care when matching hosts and students. Programs are individual placements only (one participant per household), unless noted. A few groups will have some paired placements (two participants per household). Student pairs may share a room with each other, but participants need to have their own beds (no top bunks for adults).

Why host?

True to the nature of exchange, both students and hosts reap the benefits that come with cultural exchanges.

Explore new cultures

Hosting an international student can (re)ignite a curiosity for other languages, cultures, customs, cuisine, and so much more. You may have studied other countries and regions in school, but hearing stories, trying recipes, and getting to know someone from another background makes the learning experience much more personal.

Create a global family

Although students come for just a few weeks at a time, many stay in touch with their hosts for years after their trip. Sometimes students may return to visit, or hosts go to their student's home to experience the other side of the exchange. Whether you see each other again in person or just stay in touch through social media, hosting can be the beginning of a life-long relationship that spans countries and continents.

Gain and share perspectives

Welcoming an international visitor is a great opportunity to learn about another perspective, but it also gives you the chance to reflect on your own. Sharing traditions, explaining habits and customs to your student, and discussing opinions on a variety of subjects can allow you to step back and see your own culture from the perspective of your student.