Andalas Putra Kreasi

About us

We are the trusted technology services company in Indonesia that specializes in providing comprehensive IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a commitment to innovation, we strive to deliver cutting-edge technology services that empower our clients to achieve their business goals and stay ahead in the digital age.

Our Services

IT Consulting: Our experienced consultants work closely with clients to understand their unique business needs and devise tailored IT strategies. We provide expert advice on infrastructure optimization, digital transformation, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and more.

Software Development: We offer end-to-end software development services, including requirements gathering, UI/UX design, programming, testing, and deployment. Our team develops custom software solutions, mobile applications, web applications, and enterprise software to streamline operations and enhance business efficiency.

Managed IT Services: We provide comprehensive managed IT services to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation of our clients' IT infrastructure. This includes proactive monitoring, network management, server administration, data backup and recovery, and help desk support, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives.

Cloud Solutions: We assist businesses in harnessing the power of cloud computing by offering cloud migration, architecture design, and management services. Our expertise covers popular cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, enabling seamless scalability, cost optimization, and enhanced data security.

Cybersecurity Solutions: In an increasingly interconnected world, we prioritize the protection of our clients' digital assets. Our cybersecurity services encompass risk assessments, vulnerability management, intrusion detection and prevention, threat intelligence, incident response, and employee training, safeguarding businesses against evolving cyber threats.

IT Infrastructure Services: We design, implement, and manage robust IT infrastructure solutions that align with our clients' business requirements. Our offerings include network design and optimization, server virtualization, storage solutions, data center management, and unified communications, ensuring a reliable and scalable foundation for business operations.

Our Project Credential

Enterprise Service Bus & API Management

At large and complex scale of enterprise service business project of fast pace industry customer, we helped them to continuously improve services performance and turning monolithic to microservices model. 

Microservices and Cloud Implementation

We delivered a complex and high performance product catalog system to a 1st tier telco company in Indonesia to deliver robust solution to achieve higher business outcome through digital channels. 

Managed Services

We maintained business / IT operation towards high availability and reliability of the system/applications.

Our Select End Customers

Our Address

Wisma Staco, Building 

Jl. Raya Casablanca, RT.4/RW.12, Menteng Dalam, Kec. Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12960