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4th Annual Sadie Street Showcase Sat. Feb. 1st, 2020

The 4th Annual Sadie Street Showcase will take place on Sat. Feb. 1st, 2020. Performing groups from all across Eastern Iowa will converge on Anamosa High School for a day of fantastic performing and celebrating the amazing accomplishments of high school performing arts in Iowa. We also welcome groups from Illinois and Wisconsin to our lineup this year!

We need volunteers to make this day a success!! Check back frequently for a link to sign up and help!!!

Click the "Sadie Street Showcase" at the top of this page for more information!!!!



Anamosa High School Vocal Music Handbook


Google Classroom is set up for each choir class; it is a work in progress and a learning process for Mr. Eley as much as for anyone! Let's learn together!!!

Class codes for each vocal music Google Classroom site are:

    • Chamber Choir tsnnc7
    • Women's Choir vr1285m
    • Men's Choir m3wkmy
    • Sadie Street 8npis80


Sadie Street Singers Fall Retreat, September 2019

9th grade students representing AHS at the

River Valley Conference Vocal Festival

Front row, L-R: Lily Wilmoth, Emily Meyer, Karter Theilen, Nick Raine

Back row, L-R: Ally-Anna Wheeler, Ruby Robertson, Jenna Woods, Abagail Anders

Anamosa High School

Vocal Ensembles

photos by

Angie Jess Photography

Women's Choir 2019-2020

ROW 1: Taylor Fuller, Ruth Wethington, Antwanette Sneed, Ashlann Mayberry-Fetterman, Jayden Lindley, Brie Suleyman, Leah Whitmore, Sheri Werth, Angel Pulaski, Lily Wilmoth, Josie Marsh, Emily Meyer, Aubree Osberg, Anna Lindsay, Sophie Becker
ROW 2: Rory Carpenter, Phoenix Baker, Cydney Davis, Sareena Davis, Ally-Anna Wheeler, Serina Norte, Maggie Wagner, Liz Lopez, Paige Fahey, Katie Murdock, Ava Scranton, Megan Zasadny, Kileigh Smock
ROW 3: Aphton Farrington, Jodie Hernandez, Kinzey Bottelman, Ashleigh Jayne, Lauren Martensen, Liz Riniker, Ruby Robertson, Chelsea Holland, Claire Brown, Mara Sims, Jasmine Jacobsen, Lexah Miller, Brianna Neuhaus, Riley Wickham
ROW 4: Maya Ludwig, Kaelyn Boots, Jenna Woods, Karsyn Wilmoth, Sidney Toycen, Jaiden Peasley, Jordan Harrah, Aubrie Watkins, Kylie Osborn, Kileigh Parish, Makenna Boots, Abagail Anders, Kyla Callaway, Cali Koppes, Hannah Greif
NOT PICTURED: Kat Edler, Adrionna Lucas, Shae McAfee, Audrey Thomas-Forde,

Men's Choir 2019-2020

ROW 1: Jaden Meyer, Steven Lin, Calvin DeWitte, Karter Theilen
ROW 2: Mark Hansen, Riley Callaway, Jay Gatto, Ty Easterly, Hunter Bethell, Nick Raine
ROW 3: Landon Graham, Joe Brown, Justin Tjaden, Max Geitzenauer, Dalton Lovell, Jared Nelson, Shea Keister
ROW 4: Eli Lehrman, Austin Wickham, Justin Siefker, Cameron Hansen, David Jones, Kolin Wilmoth, Ricky Cabrera, Seth Schoon

Chamber Choir 2019-20

ROW 1: Evie Breitbach, Addy Rogers, Katie Rickels, Lyndsay Gienapp, Lily Rogers
ROW 2: Megan Zimmerman, Madeline Nemmers, Evelyn Wethington, Jodie Hernandez, Katravia Burns, Sarah Conley
ROW 3: Jayden Faille, Ivan Lambertsen, Devin Warren, Fynn Wadsworth, Lili Fischer, Kalli Minger, Hunter Bethell
ROW 4: Ava Claussen-Tubbs, Max Geitzenauer, Cody Edson, Kolin Wilmoth, Seth Secrist, Drew Pate, Cecilia Venenga, Haven Baker
NOT PICTURED: Tabi Etten, Riley Gangestad, Bailey Holland, Austin Wickham


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