A Journal to inculcate & log Indic habits

Created by Inspired Sadhakas at Anaadi Foundation


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Samskara Journal has been designed to inculcate habits, values and positive thoughts based on the Indian tradition among young people. Samskara in the Indian tradition means habits and practises that are refined and take care of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being of individuals. Samskaras create harmony among the individual, society and the larger environment.

This journal is filled with activities, Indic knowledge concept pages, habit trackers, reflection pages and monthly planning sheets that encourage young people to understand Indic thought processes and put them into practice through self-motivated effort. Guided by the parents at the beginning of each month, the child can embark on the journey of planning the various Samskaras they would like to engage in and set inspiring goals for themselves.

Each month begins with a planner in which the child can mark various Indic events and the activities that they want to undertake by writing the activity number in the daily boxes. Sheets in each month help to inculcate a set of habits in an inspiring way by providing them suitable context and ways of practicing them.

The Shlokas presented in the book can be learnt and offered to the Devatas on a daily basis. The Indian Knowledge Systems concept pages awaken children to the rich scientific and cultural heritage of India. The stories from the Itihasas and Puranas are fountains of values and inspiration on various aspects of life. The art pages provide scope for the child to bring out their creative potential and express their devotion.

The 40 activity pages that can be covered over a period of 3 months encourage and guide the children to put the values into action. These sow seeds of Samskaras. Though the activities occur once in the journal, the child may be encouraged to repeat those activities to deepen their experience and integrate the Samskaras.

When a sapling is nurtured well, it grows up to be a tree that is a blessing to all. The Indian tradition emphasises the need for developing the right Samskaras right from a young age. We see this journal as a contemporary tool to develop such vibrant and multi-dimensional Samskaras among the young.

Though the language and design of activities cater to children aged 8-14, the journal can be used by anyone interested in Indic Samskaras. This journal can be used in a variety of contexts, including families, communities, schools and other learning spaces.

Happy journaling! लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु । lokāḥ samastāḥ sukhino bhavantu।

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