Growing with Google in the Screenage

About this session;

  1. Quick background on some social media & digital citizenships issues with children today.
  2. Overview of Programs Google has developed that are free to help
    1. Teachers - learn how secure their own online presence & teach others
    2. Younger students - learn how to be smart, safe, kind, brave and more
    3. Older students (curriculum for Ts) - Applied digital skills curriculum which can be faciliated by teachers grade 5 and up
  3. Time to 'Play' - pick your program to get started, set it up, look at lessons etc.
Growing with Google in the Screenage (2018)

Digital Citizenship & 21st Century skills are so important to our growing youth today!

Google recognizes this and has developed FREE dynamic programming geared for all ages;

  • Be Internet Awesome for Elementary
  • Digital Citizenship & Safety Training Certification for Teachers (and really anyone over 12)
  • Digital Skills CURRICULUM for MS, HS, Young Adults & Higher Ed
  • Coming soon 'GSuite Certification' for students
  • IT Certification for entry level IT Support Staff! (New)

Join Allison as she shares these programs (and some interesting statistics about our youth) with time for you to select and explore the program 'just right' for you!

Start something amazing when you return to school

  • Cohort with your teachers for the Digital Citizenship Certification (admins provide incentive!)
  • Get your elementary kiddos playing 'Internet Awesome' games right away
  • Start a Digital Skills unit with your MS or HS
  • Admins & ELO Guides ~ Get the IT Certification implemented in your programming for young adults interested in IT careers. Make the Digital Skills Curriculum a ELO course for computer credit

Activity Time!

Move into groups based on interest:

  • Elementary - Internet Awesome
  • MS/HS - Applied Digital Skills
  • Admin/ELO - IT Certification Program
  • PD / Teachers Digital Citizenship Certification

Review Resources, Discuss, & Share

Add to this collaborative document ways you can use this, programs, incentives, aha's!