Google 101 Topics

Google 101 Topics are my presentations & support materials for beginners

Google Apps for Professional Staff

I use this slide deck to teach professionals HOW to use the GSuite applications to their basic and fluid potential. It covers the basics for those who are new or have been using but never had training to some ways to level up use that will benefit advanced users as well.

It is meant to thoroughly cover the basics so if you are hyped up, souped up and a self proclaimed ninja/expert you might not need this but if you are a workshop participant feel free to use the time to explore advanced topics on your own. :) If you are a beginner you might need to revisit this material again later.


Google Classroom Introduction

Getting started with Google Classroom for the 1st time? Make sure you have a solid understanding of Google Drive. It is NOT essential to make it work, but surely will make your life so much easier and you will be able to understand and leverage this tool to maximum capacity. I use this slide deck as a resource when teaching Google Classroom to a group with various levels of experience and understanding.

Checklist for Google Classroom: