VR with Cardboard & Expeditions

Just when you think you've heard it all, Google announces another mind blowing project! For years, we have been hearing about Google Cardboard and some of us have even had students creating their own cardboard and apps. In 2015, Google announced Expeditions BETA taking this VR and Cardboard initiative to a new level. This sessions will catch up up by giving you an overview of what VR, Cardboard and Expeditions are and what to expect in the future.

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AE Expeditions 2016 Training deck

What can you do to 'try it ou?'

1. Connect your device to WIFI

2. Install the Expeditions App.

Itunes Store | Google Play Store

3. Select 'Lead' to review the Expeditions

4. Find an expedition (scroll or search)

5. Download and review how it works.

Challenge Activity Follow and Lead and Expedition.

1. Someone(s) begin leading an Expedition

2. You 'follow' that expedition

3. You can follow with or without cardboard.

4. You lead and they follow

Challenge Follow Your Own Expedition

1. Open the Expedition Apps

2. Embark on Your Own Expedition

3. Select & Follow