Chalmers is created by ample labs. A non-profit empowering those of us facing homelessness with technology.

What does Chalmers understand today?

Chalmers can help you find things like:

free meals, overnight shelter, clothing banks, emergency contacts and can point you to offline and online mental health services.

What are all of the features within Chalmers right now?

Free Meals

Overnight Shelter

Clothing Banks


Emergency Numbers

Mental Health services

Add a resource

Feedback form

How do you maintain the data accuracy?

During our #datathons we call service providers 3 times to validate this information with staff that works at that service, we also match the information they tell us with their website to vet it and approve it. Lastly we go in-person and ensure we run this information by service staff or supervisor to get the final stamp of approval.

Is the information within Chalmers up to date?

Yes, we run #datathons once a month to ensure all the data we have in there is up to date.

What data are you guys using in the back-end?

We’ve built our own data-base taking data from 211 Toronto, City of Toronto’s Homeless Help and added in resources that we’ve found.

What browsers & devices does Chalmers work on?

Chalmers can run on any smartphone, laptop or desktop. It runs on the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and any version of Internet Explorer version 10 and 11. Here’s a full list of device types and browser versions.

Is this released to the public?

Yes it is! Version 1.1.0 has just come out on July 22, 2019

What are upcoming features for Chalmers?

Upon the official launch of Chalmers, ample labs will continue testing with the community and adding more features. We're always working towards the most requested items like housing, eviction, employment, legal-aid, harm reduction, mental health services, and additional languages.

Questions or feedback?

Chalmers is built by ample labs that is a tech non-profit whose mission is to empower those of us at-risk of or experiencing homelessness here in the City of Toronto. We are almost 100% volunteer-run and are comprised of designers, developers, developers, social workers and individuals with lived experience.