How to purchase ACO

Purchasing ETH on Charge

1.Purchasing Ethereum on Virtual Currency Charge

*Please skip to [2. Establish My Ether Wallet account] if you already have ETH.

①Establishing account (those who don't have Charge account)

Establish the Charge account dealing with ETH.

At this time, we show the way to establish the account on HitBTC dealing with ACO and ETH.


Accessing the page above, please establish account.

Input mail address and password you've got from Register, authenticate mail address and agree with user policy etc.

After agreeing with user policy etc, at first, you need to buy ETH in order to purchase ACO.

② Purchasing ETH

It is convenient for those who have USD or EUR to purchase at Changelly associating with HitBTC.


※You can deal with USD and EUR at Changelly. About dealing with other legal tender, please deal with it along your country or your legal tender. Furthermore, please purchase amount of money more than amount of money you're planning, because the remittance costs constant fee.

③ Depositing ETH

After purchasing ETH, deposit ETH you need for HitBTC.

At this way we're showing, you can purchase ACO by only ETH. Please note that you can NOT purchase ACO by Bitcoin or other virtual currency.

Skip from 'Deposit' upper right page to the remittance page.

By pushing 'Remittance page'>'ETH'>'Deposit' button, the address of your HitBTC account is displayed, and please remit ETH you've purchased to this address.

After remittance, ETH you've remitted is displayed at ETH 'Main Account'.

You can deal by moving the amount of money with which you want to deal from 'Main Account' to 'Trade Account'

① You can do actual dealing on Exchange page.

② By clicking ETH tab on Instrument, the currency with which you can deal at ETH. When you click ACO there,

③ the image of dealing with ACO/ETH is displayed.

You can create Bid Board from 'Buy ACO' here.

There are 3 ways to purchase, Market・Limited・Scaled.

You can see the detail of 3 ways from '?' button, so please deal by the way fitting you.

After you have finished to deal, the purchased ACO is displayed at 'deposit' window.

When you want to remit ACO for A! Tip account, please remit after input the address of A! Tip account to Address in a red frame.

※It is necessary to register into A! Tip account.

※Address of A! Tip account can be got

by clicking the gear button, after login A! Tip, on upper right window > Deposit ACO > Copy address

※We recommend to create MEW to maintain. This is an optional job.

And we also recommend to keep ACO or ETH that you have overbought into MyEtherWallet (MEW) or other Wallets. If you keep them into Charge that management entity such as HitBTC exists, your property can be lost in the case that the Charge is hucked. In the following, we show the way to establish that MEW account.

Establishing account at MyEtherWallet

① Establishing account at MyEtherWallet

※Be careful for Phishing scam at MyetherWallet. Please check the address bar by all means, and confirm that the URL is official MyEtherWallet or not. (true URL is '', and 'MyEtherWallet inc[US]' is described at SSL authentication frame on the left of address bar.)

Next, access MyEtherWallet .

Input password (more than 9 words) into password input frame, and push 'Create New Wallet' button.

② Preserving Keystore file

After you have confirmed the following window, please push 'Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON)' button and preserve it.

Furthermore, Please do NOT lose the downloaded file or share it with other person. (This is as same as code number of bank account. If you' have lost it, there is some possibility of being able not to withdraw own property or being illegally used by third person.)

After completed to download, please push 'I understand. Continue.' button.

③ Preserving Private Key

After you have checked the following window, preserve your Private Key (the long character string displayed at orange frame) by copying at text etc.

Please do also NOT lose These things and share them with other person. (this is same reason of the past download file.)

After completed to preserve, push 'Save Your Address → ' button.

④ Opening Wallet

From the following window, you can make Wallet be available by the downloaded file or Private Key you copied.

The following picture shows to open Wallet by Private Key.

By inputting Private Key and pushing 'Unlock' button, Wallet is available.

⑤ Taking a note about own Wallet address

When you open Wallet, Wallet address (like a code number) is displayed. It's a blue area in the picture below.

When you remit currency into this Wallet, please input this Wallet Address.

At MEW, you can only manage the ETH group token such as ETH or ACO. If you manage other token at this Wallet, please deal with it after researching it.