Vocabulary and computation tests are given at the end of every topic so they occur about once every two weeks (or less depending on the number of lessons in the topic). I have links (quizlet) for helping students prepare for vocabulary tests. Not only will quizlet help your child prepare for the test, but it is also a great tool for completing the vocabulary review sheets.

Those that master 20+ objectives in a nine weeks will receive an invitation to a pizza party in my classroom. I will allow students to bring in fun food to share. Dates are determined at the end of a 9 weeks. I must have it on a warm, clear day so that my room is free (no indoor recess).

If your child fails a Math test, I write PS on the test and draw a line. This is for a parent signature. Your child will miss recess over unsigned failing tests. I feel it is important for you to know ASAP that your child is struggling. If your child has failed a math computation test (the one with story problems and numbers on it), he/she can correct it for partial credit. My only stipulation is that it must be signed by a parent, corrected, and returned to me THE VERY NEXT SCHOOL DAY. A 60% is the maximum that can be received for a corrected test.

Directions to access the enVisions Program via PowerSchool:

accessing the math enVision program


Quizlet LINKS (for bonus)

FUN Social Studies Links

  • US Map Game Find the states.
  • Another US Map pick the state game This game is just a find the state on a map type game.
  • Place the States Game This game is a bit harder than just finding the state. You must correctly place the outline of a state on a map of the United States. No state borders are given on the map. This is a challenge.

Basic Facts Practice

  • Xtra Math This is a great site for basic facts. You must enroll your child in xtramath. Once he/she is enrolled all your child needs to do is sign in to use it. I will receive a certificate every time he/she masters a set of basic facts.
  • Math Flash Cards Start at level 1 and work your way up to the hard stuff. Focus on your MULTIPLICATION BASIC FACTS.
  • Saxon Math Basic Facts You can create worksheets from this site or complete the problems online timed or untimed. You choose the number of problems that you'd like as well. Practice makes perfect. :)
  • Interactive Math Basic Facts Games This site allows you to play games against others online. You will have to know your facts well in order to win. Good luck!
  • Basic Facts Basketball Practice your X basic facts and shoot some hoops.

Math Tutorials

  • Math Videos This is a GREAT site for helping one with homework. The videos will teach your child a variety of objectives. Check out this link if you are unable to explain a math objectives to your child.

Sites Used in the Classroom

OHIO Common Core Objectives

  • Common Core Objectives All 5th grade common core objectives are found on this site with some games under the respective objectives. The games are a work in progress.

Math Game