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In the Fall of 2016, all Ames High School biology students engaged in a project to make a positive impact on pollinators in their community. During the first semester, students worked on public outreach projects and over 80 clients were recruited to work with us to have a pollinator garden planted on their land in the Spring. Below is a map of the pollinator gardens that were designed, revised, and planted by small teams of students. The teams worked with an advisor from the community in order to meet the unique needs of their client.

Before Anything: Winter 2018 After Planting: Spring 2018

These plants were chosen because they all meet the soil type of the plot we will be planting them. We determined it to be a clay loam. The plants were chosen to represent a wide range of colors and heights to bring variety to the Garden. Another important factor was picking flowers that would attract the pollinators that were requested. Most of the plants on the list should attract bees to the garden, while the Butterfly Milkweed should Monarchs and other butterflies to the garden. The flowers should bloom around the same time frame, but some will start earlier or later than others.