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About Us

Fungi appeal to different groups for many different reasons and will thus play a key role in new industries of the 21st century. Both gourmet and medicinal mushrooms are in high demand, attracting organic gardeners, commercial cultivators, researchers, nutritionists, and various businesses.

At American Mushroom Farm, we grow locally and provide for our community and beyond.

Annually, we are tending 30 million logs of naturally grown mushrooms, delivering nationwide.

We are ready to work with fungus lovers from the Greenhouse Turnkey Projects to Private Labeling.

Varieties: Shiitake, Oyster (Blue, King, Golden), Lion's Mane, and more.

6 farms & distribution centers in US and Canada, 180 greenhouses, and 230 plus full-time mushroom nannies.

25 farms in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia.