School Life

  • Curriculum

We are to educate our student linguistically, culturally, socially, and academically balanced as Japanese and American. To realise such ideal, we have developed original hybrid curriculum integrating Japanese curriculum (MEXT) and American curriculum (DoDEA). With this flagship curriculum we believe that our students will be able to proudly and confidently strive and prosper in both societies. The curriculum is designed in the following way:


Japanese, Math( Japanese/ English), Science (Japanese/ English), Japanese Social Studies (Japanese)


English Language Arts (English), American Social Studies (English)

Having regards to math and science, the classes are aligned with MEXT curriculum. First of all, for students be able to study interchanging important concepts in both languages, secondly, no much cultural difference between both countries in math and science, and third, over 90% of student seek high school education at Japanese high school, we teach students following a single curriculum for the two subjects.

Whereas social studies of Japan and America, each bears unique historical-, geographical-, cultural-coverages and political system. Hence, students are taught in respective curricula and languages.

Beside core subjects such as music, arts, home economics, and P.E., we are integrating good sides of both curricula and most of them are carried out with English.

  • Before School Programme

Being aware that some parents have early work schedule, we provide child-care before class hours commence from 7-8 am. With constant schedule from Monday to Friday, the fee is ¥2,050 per month (*this requires registration at the office). In case of a single day-use, it is ¥260 per day and does not require a registration ahead.

  • After School Programme

Students' dismissal time is at 15:30. However, we also provide 'after school child-care' from 15:30-18:00. With fixed schedule from Monday to Friday, the cost of ¥ 5,100 will incur. The fee varies how many days in a week you will register (e.g. 4 fixed days in week). So, for more detail please contact the school office. For an unregistered day use, the fee is ¥510 per day.

  • Extra Curricular Activities

Outside the class hours, we also offer some club activities and student council (above G5). Available clubs changes termly according to faculties' availability. Please enquire the office should you be interested. Student may take up to two clubs plus student council. The monthly fee per club is ¥800. Nevertheless, joining student council is free of charge.