• Admission Procedures

  1. Book a School Visit: First of all, we would like you to visit our school, see and feel how the school is in person. Upon your visit, we will explain the school's system and curriculum and tour you inside the school. Ask questions given opportunities;

  2. Schedule trial classes: Should you like the school upon your visit, then your child(ren) would proceed to five days trial classes. To schedule it, you will fill out 'Pre-enrolment questionnaire' sent from the school office prior to your preferred dates of trial classes. Once we have received your answers to the questionnaire, the office coordinate and confirm the dates.

  3. Admission Interview: In a middle or the end of the trial days, we would like to request a parent interview. This is an opportunity for us to know more about students from their parents, from their educational background, his current academic motivation and aptitude as well as their future academic plan or possible relocation to other places/ countries.

  4. Admission Decision: Based upon observations and interview with parents, we will make a decision. Our criteria for admission is whether this school would served best for the sake of students. Thus, where necessary we would advice parents alternative options we believe better for the students from long-term perspective.

  • Visit

For your school visit, please contact us: TEL: 098-896-1966 or Email:

We are open from Monday to Friday (except designated holidays). Classes in the morning are from 8:35-12:05 and of the afternoon are between 13:00-14:40. We would strongly recommend you to visit within that timeframe since you can have better idea about our school seeing classes.

Fee: School visit is free of charge ONLY for admission purposes. For other purpose of visit, we will ask ¥2,600/ person. ・Address†: 1-15-22 Shimashi Ginowan City Okinawa 901-2213

†When you are to use Google Maps to visit our school, it tends to guide you to a wrong destination nearby school. Thus, we would rather advice you to search with '1-15-20 or 23' instead, so that you would be able to find our school.