• History of AASO

In June 1998, five mothers of Amerasian children has established 'AmerAsian School in Okinawa (AASO)' as 'free school*' in Oyama Ginowan City. The school was created with the principal mission to nurture children not as American nor Japanese but both as 'Double' with bilingual and bicultural education upon the philosophy that 'children need an environment in which they can freely explore, think, and develop their own identity without stereotype based upon their appearance from the society and be proud of themselves'.

In April 2003, we have moved to the current location, Shimashi Ginowan City with a support of the central and local governments. With growing understanding of the people including the public schools and their teachers and generous support from it, we could have marked 20 years anniversary in 2018, in spite of all the struggles we have faced over educational rights for Amerasian children at AASO and beyond. Since 1998, we have provided bilingual and bicultural education for children in need and, as of 2020, 81 students have graduated and almost all of them have chosen to proceed to Japanese public high school having passed entrance exams. Currently, 60 students from a range of pre-K to 9th grades are studying and freely developing their own 'themselves' regardless of their background.

*'Free school' refers to those schools provide alternative educational services/ opportunities outside Japanese educational system. They are not legally recognised as a 'school', because 'Schools', legally speaking, are constituted by whether they can issue a graduate certificate in their own right. Thus, children going to 'free school' shall be registered in a public school according to the municipality in which they reside and students' work and attendance in some of such institutions may be recognised at their public schools. And we are one of them. Therefore, to avoid confusion, note that in this context 'free school' does not mean 'schools free of charge'.

  • Mission and Vision

  1. Provide safe environment in which Amerasian children can explore and develop their own identities;

  2. Provide bilingual and bicultural education respecting both Japanese and American cultures;

  3. Nurture children being able to live proudly and confidently in both Japanese and American society as both nationals.

  • Faculty & Staff

  • Principal: Dr. Ayako Komine

    • Vice-Principal: Ms. Mary Leigh Francisco

      • Head of Middle School: Ms. Aika Shibata

      • Head of Primary School and F Class Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Joe Matsubara

        • A Class Homeroom Teacher: Ms. Shercarl Graham

        • B Class Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Alexander Alonzo

        • C Class Homeroom Teacher: Ms. Maria Lourdes Bigay

        • D Class Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Jonathon Lowen

        • E Class Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Travis White

        • G Class Homeroom Teachers: Ms. Katherine Mansfield and Mr. Lyndon Roque

        • Japanese Teacher: Ms. Kotono Arasaki

  • Accounting Manager: Ms. Mika Nosoko