99s Ambassador Chapter


The Ninety-Nines is an international organization of women pilots promoting advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, mutual support, and the shared passion for flight.

The Ambassador Chapter is the Online Chapter of the Ninety-Nines. It is great for pilots with crazy schedules and/or pilots who live abroad. We have members from the US and other countries all over the world. Our members are women pilots who fly for major airlines, corporate jets, helicopters, who are learning to fly, who are teaching others how to fly and everyone in between.

There are geological distances between us, but that doesn’t limit us to bond and support each other. Friendships have developed over the years and many opportunities to meet fellow women pilots over the world with the same interest in and love for aviation have been created.

E-mail, a website for members only, FaceBook, monthly meeting using video conference software and a digital newsletter are our main means of communication.

Although we are a digital chapter, all benefits as a member of The Ninety-Nines, such as applying for one of the many scholarships or participating in the PPLI program, are available.

We are an all-volunteer cadre of women pilots who serve 2-year terms in the chapter leadership. We've got a Chapter Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Furthermore we have a chapter committee consisting of a Newsletter Editor, a Membership Chair, a Webmaster and AEMSF Scholarship Chair.

If you're interested in learning how you can be an active part of our team, we'd love to tell you about how you might be able to volunteer a little time and make a big difference!

The chapter resides under the 99s South Central Section.

You want to reach out to the Chapter Leadership? Please send an email to: contact@ambassador99s.org


The Ambassador Chapter was informally started in September 1998 out of a personal need to give back and participate in the 99s in a different way. At the time the only chapter option was what I call traditional. A traditional chapter is one that meets in person, usually monthly.

In 1998, I was working my way up the professional pilot career path. While I wanted to participate in my traditional chapter’s meetings and activities, I was just unable to attend most of them due to being out of town (actually, mostly out of state!) due to flying.

Whenever I showed up at my traditional chapter meeting, I felt like I was given side-looks like, “where have you been” when in reality I realized I was doing a lot to promote women in aviation in my everyday and especially in my working life. I struggled with the need to participate yet not being able to do so in the confining traditional way, and this strong desire led to having the idea to create a “virtual” chapter of the 99s.

I decided to name the chapter Ambassador because of the unique position the virtual chapter is in to bridge the gap between a traditional chapter and a non-participating member, for whatever her reasons.

The chapter started with an email newsletter sent out monthly. I was in touch with several 99s who I thought might be interested in participating in a new way, and started a list. For the months of September through December 1998 this newsletter went out and was well received. I researched what I needed to start a new chapter in the 99s, and at the time it was a minimum of 7 members. To be honest, the idea of a virtual chapter was so radical that I wasn’t sure I would get 6 others to join me. I started calling and emailing those on the list and asked if they’d be interested in leaving their traditional chapter to come to my new one. I was pleasantly surprised that 11 ladies said yes, and with myself included, we became incorporated on January 1, 1999 with 12 members.

I incorporated in the South Central Section because according to the bylaws of the 99s, all chapters must be part of a section. The South Central Section is Home to the Headquarters of the 99s in Oklahoma City, OK.

The chapter has gone through various stages over the years to work best with existing and emerging technologies while trying to serve the needs of the members who live worldwide. It’s is an ever growing and vibrant chapter, and we hope will you join us here!

The Ninety-Nines:

For more information about the Ninety-Nines and how to become a member, we have listed the link of the websites for you.

If you are a Student Pilot, the Ninety-Nines membership can be of benefit for you as well. Please check the Fly Now Awards webpage for more information and how to apply. You can also contact our AEMSF Scholarship Chair by sending an email to: contact@ambassador99s.org

The Ninety-Nines has a leadership mentoring program, called the Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative. On the website you will find more information about the program and the requirements to participate.