Where Safety And Tranquility Meet

Know Someone Who Has Fallen?

  • 1 in 3 Adults over age 65 will fall this year

  • 66% of falls happen in or around the tub/shower

  • Amazing Walk-in Tubs allows you to live safely in the home you love, for years to come

Avoid Assisted Living

  • Out of pocket costs can easily run $48,000 per year (or more)

  • It's just not the same as staying in your own home

  • Live life the way YOU want

Keeping You Safe

  • 2" Step-in - the lowest in the industry

Lifetime Warranty


  • Plumbing, Fixtures

  • Door, Seal

  • Motor

  • Materials


Lowest Step-In On The Market (2" Or Less)

View From The Top, Looking Down



  • Durable safety grab bar inside the tub

  • An ADA Compliant chair-height built-in seat

  • A leak-free door system

  • ADA Compliant Anti-Skid Floor And Seat(s)

  • An ultra-low entryway threshold & wide door for easy entry and exit

  • Speed Drain (Drains Water in 2 1/2 minutes or less)

  • Ease of Use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation (Tubs that are commended by the Arthritis Foundation have been thoroughly reviewed by their testing labs to ensure safety and ease of use)

Durability and Ease of Use

  • Marine-Grade 3X Shell

  • Lowest Step-In in the Industry - 2" or Less

  • Easy Grab Door Handle

  • Lifetime Warranty on Tub and All Parts

  • Self-Cleaning Sanitizing Ozone System (Option)

Therapeutic Features

  • 28 Water and Air Jets

  • Warm and Safe (Option to prevent accidental scalding)

  • Aromatherapy (Option)

  • Chromatherapy (Option)

  • Pure Bubbles System (Option for extreme body cleanse)

  • Heated Seat (Option)

  • Heated Back (Option)

  • Vibe Music System (Option)

Two-Seater Tub

Standard Tub


  • Calms high blood pressure

  • Aids in diabetic issues

  • Eases muscle tension and back pain

  • Moisturizes skin conditions such as psoriasis, rashes, and eczema

  • Soothes carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia

  • Relieves sinus pressure, asthma, and dry throat

  • Helps to detoxify your body’s lymphatic system

  • Relieves sprains and strains

  • Relieves migraine headaches

  • Helps poor circulation in the body

  • Eases pain from arthritis

  • Relieves sciatica and stiffness

  • Improves the quality of your sleep and helps insomnia

  • Aids in lifting depression and anxiety

  • Reduces varicose veins and hemorrhoid inflammation

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Steve Fertig, Co-Owner


John Valentini, Jr., Co-Owner


Amazing Walk-In Tubs is where “safety and tranquility meet.” We call ourselves “AMAZING” because we simply offer the very best walk-in therapeutic tubs at the lowest price in the industry. Founded by John Valentini, Jr., who has been involved at the highest levels with numerous philanthropic causes, including numerous national and local charities providing aid to abused children, women subjected to domestic violence and the families of 1st responders and Dr. Steve Fertig, a former chiropractor, who’s appreciation for hydrotherapy spans over decades, our main concern is always the welfare of those in need. Doing all we can to make the process of getting that need met in a completely stress-free and affordable manner is our #1 goal! We know you deserve that because we believe that you’re AMAZING, as well!