Classroom Procedures

1st- When you walk into the room you will immediately grab your interactive notebook from your bin.

2nd- You will go directly to your desk and get out a pencil and whatever books you are reading. (If using a book from my book shelf, you must ask to get one)

3rd- As soon as the tardy bell rings, you must have your book out ready to read.

4th- You will read for at least 10-15 minutes every day.

5th- After we are done reading, and you have all the material for the lesson, we will then begin the lesson for that day.

6th- After the lesson, we will then practice what has been taught either by stations, whole group teaching, or individually.

7th- With 5 minutes left in the class, we will review what we learned that day and you will begin your exit ticket.

8th- Once you turn in your exit ticket, you will put up your interactive notebook and pack up for the next class.

9th- After all of these tasks are completed you will sit and wait quietly for the bell to ring.