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la señora Koehler

About Mrs. Koehler

I have worked for Alvin Independent School District for about twenty years, and have been with ASSETS Academy teaching Spanish for the past eleven years. I graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1979, with a bachelor of arts degree as a Spanish major and an English minor. Upon graduating from Sam Houston, I continued master's work in Spanish under a teaching fellowship offered to me by the University of Kentucky, where I also taught Spanish at the university level. I enjoy teaching the Spanish language and culture and in sharing the learning experience with my students. I also love to travel and have traveled to many of the Spanish speaking countries we study about in class.

New Spring Office Hours (2020 - 4th 9-Weeks): Google Hangouts (found in "google calendar" / "meet")

Tuesdays - 2:00 - 3:00 (Spanish 2)

Wednesdays - 2:00 - 3:00 (Spanish 1)

Schedule: Period 1 - Conference Period 5 - Spanish 2

Room 116 Period 2 - Spanish 1 Period 6 - Spanish 2

Phone: (281) 331 - 1690 / ext. 7174 Period 3 - Spanish 2 Period 7 - Spanish 1

email - Period 4 - Spanish 1

Conference time : Period 1 (7:20 - 8:00) Tutorials: Mon. / Thu. 3:00 - 3:45 (by appointment)

Student Supplies: Each student is required to bring a composition book at the beginning of the school year. Students also need to be prepared for lessons by always having a pencil when they come to class. Art supplies for cultural and craft projects will usually be supplied for students.

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Code of Conduct: * Plan for success * Promote a positive attitude

* Practice safe behavior * Provide and receive honest feedback