Ms. Ashley Newchurch

About Ms. Newchurch

Hey peeps!

With the help of my class pet, Filburt, I look forward to teaching you art this year! This will be my fifth year teaching at Rodeo Palms but art has always been a passion.

I have a BFA in studio art from Lamar University and I am well versed in many different forms of art and their histories. My primary focus was textiles, working with fabric, but I love all varieties. This year, I am also serving as the Fine Arts & Electives Department Head as well as the district's lead Junior High Art Teacher.

In my spare time I enjoy reading fantasy books, creating art, and being in the company of my two crazy dogs.

We are going to learn so many great things this year and I look forward to all of it!

Favorite Things:

Book - Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Anime - Cowboy Bebop

Musician - Beirut


Office Phone: (346) 215-5212

Room: B-133

Classes: Art 2

High School Art I

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My fiancé, Xavier, and I. We're getting married next year!

A sampling of my personal artwork.

My four pets!



1st Period: Art 1

2nd Period: Art 2

3rd Period: High School Art 1

4th Period: Art 2

5th Period: CONFERENCE

6th Period: Art 2

7th Period: CONFERENCE