IN THE STUDIO - 6th Grade Art

ARCHIVED 2018-2019

By Mrs. Carlo December 10, 2018

Week 16-20 - Midterm Exams Project | Art Career Projects

To finish off the year, students researched different art careers using online resources. Students were to create an artwork, presentation and informative poster describing the details of their chosen art-related careers. Our sixth graders learned that art can be a stepping stone to creative fields they may have never considered as career choices before.

By Mrs. Carlo November 5, 2018

Week 12- Pinch Pot Monsters | Surface Application

Now that greenware has been fired, our classes have begun the glazing process! Students had no idea that some of these dull glazes turn into such bright and shiny colors. We discussed the firing process and the chemical changes that occur with clay when fired to high temperatures.

Below are some great examples of pinch pots! Some students decided to go the extra mile and incorporated lids on ceramic bears, and some stuck with more traditional vessels.

By Mrs. Carlo November 2, 2018

Week 13-15 - Watercolor labs and Self Portraits

Students experimented with watercolor techniques in a watercolor lab! We learned how to pull a bead of water, wet-on-wet, dry brush, gradients, washes and using salt to create interesting backgrounds. Afterwards, students were given a black and white copy of their portrait and drew with pen and ink on the completed background.

By Mrs. Carlo November 5, 2018

Week 11- Kusama Pumpkins

Sixth graders began learning about contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama this week. Using her unique style of infinity dots and patterns, students created their own pumpkins using oil pastel and tempera paint. Even my 8th graders pictured below wanted to join in on this project!

By Mrs. Carlo October 22, 2018

Week 10 - Still Life with Charcoal

We are still at it with still life! This week, we introduce charcoal blending to 6th grade. Same as before, students sketch their initial composition on charcoal paper. They have been instructed on blending techniques as well as using new tools; blending stumps, sanding blocks, charcoal pencils and kneaded erasers.

By Mrs. Carlo October 15, 2018

Week 8-9 - Still Life

Last week we finished off our mixed media collage and the kids did a great job with their animal portraits.

This week we are starting up still life! Students have discussed shading techniques in graphite pencil. Our class went over pencil grip, we've talked about shading with the curves, finding the light sources, shadows and cast shadows, etc. They're doing fine work!

By Mrs. Carlo October 2, 2018

Week 7 - Mixed Media Collage

We are finishing up this week! Eyes, beaks and/or noses have been colored and we are in the final stages of finishing. India ink has been painted into the pupils and oil pastels are blended into the irises. The kids are doing a great job and they'll start gluing their eyes and noses/beaks by the middle of the week. Great work from an awesome bunch of 6th graders.

By Mrs. Carlo September 24, 2018

Week 6 - Mixed Media Collage

Students are starting their mixed media collages this week! I'm being very secretive about the finished product, so students have only been instructed to make their mixed media paper. This is a popular lesson on the web, and I stole this idea from ElementaryArtFun's blog. We mixed this idea up by making the kids draw and scribble with their non-dominant hands. Students were given oil pastels to create a resist. Friday, we painted the papers with diluted india ink. Today we are tearing up our oil pastel resist and gluing them down using radial symmetry.

By Mrs. Carlo September 17, 2018

Week 5 - Pinch Pots with Faces continued...

We're starting pinch pots this week! Students had the choice to make a pinch-pot monster or animal pinch pot. All students were given a cube of clay that we shaped into a round ball. We then dug a hole into the clay with our thumbs and gently pinched the shape into a vessel. We took it easy and I let the kids experiment with their clay. Some made faces, others made animal cups. They will dry completely next week and we will return to them once they get bisque fired.

By Mrs. Carlo September 10, 2018

Week 3 - Pinch Pots

We always start our introductions to clay in November but I decided to give sculpture a head-start this year in order to have student's artwork ready before Thanksgiving break. We started this week off with an intro to clay, teaching students about what clay is actually made of and best practices for creating clay sculptures. We went over the history of ceramics, hand-building techniques and the score+slip method. Students used planning sheets to sketch and write out their ideas. I made sure to instruct students on the safety of using tools, did some hand-building demonstrations and then let the kids plan. No photos this week, just an update of what we learned!

By Mrs. Carlo September 10, 2018

Week 2 - Clay Days

After finishing up our portfolio covers, we will start learning about clay! Students will create their own hand-built anthropomorphic pinch pots. This week students were able to get a feel for clay, see examples of soft and leather hard clay, and experiment with making shapes. They're very excited to begin!

8.31.18 6th graders are soooo excited to work with clay! My 1st period class got a quick taste before Memorial Weekend.

We reviewed handbuilding techniques today and will begin anthropomorphic pinch pots next week!

By Mrs. Carlo August 20, 2018

Week 1 - Zentangle Portfolio Covers

Keeping our studio organized is CRITICAL. Students will be making their own portfolios this year using Zentangle name design, to keep their finished products organized.

8.31.18 Portfolio covers are finished! Our kiddos in 3rd period did a great job at showing contrast, lines and patterns.

By Mrs. Carlo August 16, 2018

Welcome Back!

We had an AWESOME first day back to school. Students will be coming home with a syllabus, tool permission and safety contract as well as a contact information sheet. Please fill these out and return them by August 24th for a grade.

Art 1 Syllabus

Fees and Supply List

Tool Permission and Safety Contract