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Welcome to Mrs. Boyd’s English Language Arts webpage! My name is Michelle Boyd and I have proudly taught English Language Arts in Alvin ISD for eleven years. I am a graduate of Fisk University in Nashville, TN with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Being able to educate youth in what you have a passion for is truly a blessing for me. Year after year, seeing students realize their own reading and writing goals never seems to get old for me. My other blessings include a wonderful husband, four children and two beautiful granddaughters. I am excited for what this new school brings and I look forward to collaborating with my students to ensure their success.

Fisk University Alumna:

B.A. English

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Period 6 2:20pm - 4:10pm

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Blue Day Black Day

Period 1 Writing 7 Period 1 Writing 7

Period 2 Reading 7 Period 3 Writing 7

Period 4 Writing 7 Period 5 Reading 7

Period 6 Conference Period 7 Reading 7

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Reading @mboydr

Writing @mboydwr

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Period 1 Writing 7 2kxphcu

Period 2 Reading 7 xuqobre

Period 3 Writing 7 zs6m5ym

Period 4 Writing 7 42matuf

Period 5 Reading 7 iharh5a

Period 7 Reading 7 tfigjsz