Career Preparation, Money Matter, Principles of Business & Information Technology

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1st Period Principles of Information Technology

2nd Period Money Matters

3rd Period Career Preparation I (co-op)

4th Period Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance

5th Period Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance

6th Period Conference Period

7th Period Supervisory Period

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Phone: 281-245-2652

Clubs & Organizations

I sponsor the Tactical Miniatures Gaming Club.

Flames of War

World War II

Team Yankee

Cold War Goes Hot Circa 1985.

Star Wars Armada

Tutorial times : Mondays & Wednesdays 3 to 3:30 pm

About Me:

Thanksgiving Day 1987

150th Commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg PA

The State of Texas Monument at the Battle of Vicksburg MS.

My Work Place from 1988 to 1993

124th Cavalry Regiment