Spanish with Dr. Lopez

Name: Caleb Lopez


Campus Phone : (281) 245-2232 Ext. 4624

Room #: B 222

Conference Hours: 11:47 A.M-12:52 P.M.

Tutorials: Mondays 3:00-4:15 P.M. & Wednesdays 6:50-7:15 A.M.

University Alma Mater: Gonzaga University


High school Teacher

Dr. López has been teaching all grade levels for more than thirty years. He is a natural teacher who considers “teaching like the sowing and cultivation of a seed subordinated to situational factors (the type of students, number of students per class, etc.) but always within “the boundaries of transcendental values (justice, love, peace, happiness).”

“The conceptual basis of Caleb’s work was the highest caliber submitted by anyone in the course.” Dr. Nancy Isaacson, Gonzaga University

“His contribution to our program and overall school curriculum was valuable to our students and appreciated by parents and teachers.” Bruce Olson,Principal Salem Christian School

“He did an excellent job of understanding individual student’s needs and meeting those needs. Mr. López is very competent at teaching Spanish.” M Vernon A. Nelson, Ed.D. Institute for Extended Learning Director

“He is musically gifted, a talent that makes him spiritually sensitive and creative.” Reina Valbuena, PhD, Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

This school year 2021-2022, I have the opportunity to teach Spanish II and Dual Credit Spanish I, II. I am thrilled to welcome you and your child to my Spanish classroom. This particular school year, due to Covit 19 circumstances, we need to be flexible enough to accommodate new ways of delivering the Spanish curriculum. I am teaching my Spanish classes face to face with a significant component of electronic hardware and software. We are using Google Classroom to post courses and assignments. I graduated from Zulia University in 1978 in Maracaibo, Venezuela, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I completed a master’s degree in Public Administration at Saint Mary’s University (1982), a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Gonzaga University (1995 and 1998, respectively). I have two masters in Spanish, one in the Formation of Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language from the Universidad Iberoamericana (2012), Puerto Rico, and another in Applied Linguistics for Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the - Universidad Jaen (2012), Spain.

I have taught all levels of education—from kindergarten to doctoral courses—throughout over 30 years as a teacher and professor in schools and universities in Venezuela, the United States, and Spain. I have taught Spanish for more than ten years. My interest is to find better ways to teach students so they can learn Spanish to their full potential. I am planning activities to develop the creative skills and interests of students and hope to make this academic year educational and a fun-filled year for the students.

I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know each student in my class and their parents too. If you want to discuss your child's performance or any other problems that he/she is facing in class, feel free to schedule a meeting with me during my conference period. I am available from 11:47 A.M to 12:52 P.M. Additionally, I can also be reached by e-mail at to discuss any concerns you may have.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Caleb A. Lopez, Ph.D