Coach Holmes

Welcome Cardinals!

My name is Courtney Holmes and I am a graduate of THE Prairie View A&M University with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies. My content area specialty is Language Arts and Reading. This will be my 9th year in education and my 8th year coaching. This school year I will be teaching 6th grade Reading and Writing. I will also lead the English Language Arts department as the Instructional Coach.

A California native and graduate of Alvin ISD, I have a passion for reading and love to discover new books. I also love travel and sports, but futbol and football are my favorites😉. My wonderful husband and I currently reside in Houston, TX with our two beautiful daughters.

This will be an exciting and informative year filled with amazing learning opportunities and writing experiences. I look forward to meeting you all and ensuring the success of our students.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Contact Information:

Room#: B202


3rd period


Tuesdays and Wednesdays -

8:10-8:40 am

Students can pick up a pass from our class to attend.

Class Schedule:

1st period: coaching

2nd period: coaching

3rd period: Conference

4th period: Reading

5th period: Writing

6th period: Reading

7th period: Athletics

Google Classroom Codes:

4th period: bjq2daw

5th period: asfnyum

6th period: fx7oot6


-pencils & pens


-1 subject notebook

-sticky notes

Optional classroom supplies:

-hand sanitizer



-copy paper

-disinfecting wipes


color: teal

drinks: Dr. Pepper & fruit smoothies

food: pizza!🍕

hobbies: singing, reading, listening to music, traveling, spending time with friends and family💙

Amazon Wishlist!😊


B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies: English Language Arts and Reading 4-8