Spanish 2

About Señora Aguilera

My name is Julee Aguilera. My husband and I have lived in Alvin for 13 years. We have 4 kids; 2 boys (9th and 6th grade) and 2 girls (4th and 1st grade). I have taught Spanish at Palacios HS, Friendswood Jr High and Dawson HS. This is my 10th year teaching Spanish and my 3rd year teaching at Alvin High School!

I graduated from Palacios High School in Palacios, TX. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at Austin College in Sherman, TX.

Contact info...

Phone: 281-245-2599 email: Room: B212

My planning period/conference is first thing in the morning. I may not be able to respond to emails or phone calls until after 3pm or the following morning.

To receive the reminders I send to the students regarding homework or studying for tests or quizzes, join my class reminds. Use these codes in the Remind App or text the class code as the message to the "phone number" 81010. Or use the link for each class to join

Remind Codes:

2nd period: @dcbahf or use this link

3rd period: @4e4da9 or use this link

4th period (Pre-AP): @fee2bk or use this link

5th period: @ad2f66e or use this link

6th period: @23fhkc or use this link

7th period: @e9c73h or use this link

Use these codes in the Remind App or text the above code as the message to the "phone number" 81010. Or use the link for each class to join

Supplies you'll need....

  • A composition notebook (REQUIRED)
  • A folder with brads/prongs (REQUIRED)
  • A pen or pencil (REQUIRED)
  • Glue stick or tape (recommended, not required)
  • Scissors (recommended, not required)

DONATIONS: if you can donate to our classroom we need

  • kleenexes
  • scissors THANK YOU!!!!

Class Schedule

1st period: conference

2nd period: Spanish 2

3rd period: Spanish 2

4th period: Spanish 2 PreAP

5th period: Spanish 2

6th period: Spanish 2

7th period: Spanish 2

Tutoring Schedule

No tutoring in the mornings

Power Hour: Friday 1st & 2nd half

I have duty 1st half Tues-Thurs by the credit union.

After school: Mon & Thurs 2:50-3:20

I have after school duty Tuesday & Wednesday in the cafeteria and should be back in my classroom about 3:07 on those days.

(I am often in my room mornings by 7 and after school until 3:20 but these are not official tutoring times. I can also be available other Power Hour times upon request. )


What to expect from me:

  • I will provide a safe place for you to try something new
  • I will care about you like I care about my own kids
  • I will provide every opportunity for you to succeed if I see you are trying your best
  • I will enforce school policies like
    • Attendance
    • Late work
    • Grading
    • Discipline

What I expect from you:

  • Be on time
  • Put away your phone and bag everyday
  • Be prepared with your supplies
  • Be ready to participate
  • Be ready to give me your best
  • Be ready to try something new
  • Treat others and yourself with kindness and respect


We will use Google classroom this year in Spanish 1.

Students will “join” their classes at school.

  • We will use computers periodically (laptops in class or in computer labs). It would be very helpful for students to have a set of earbuds/headphones that can plug into a computer (not bluetooth, not an iPhone charger style) as we sometimes do listening activities.
  • We will use online resources that go with our textbook. Please see the Textbook page for more information.