Spanish 2

About Señora Aguilera

My name is Julee Aguilera. My husband and I have lived in Alvin for 14 years. We have 4 kids; 2 boys (10th and 7th grade) and 2 girls (5th and 2nd grade). I have taught Spanish at Palacios HS, Friendswood Jr High and Dawson HS. This is my 11th year teaching Spanish and my 4th year teaching at Alvin High School!

I graduated from Palacios High School in Palacios, TX. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at Austin College in Sherman, TX.

Welcome Letter & Welcome Video

Welcome back letter
Aguilera Welcome Video.MOV

Open House Video

¡Hola! I'm sorry we didn't get to meet at open house! Here are some important things about my class.

  • I'm cleaning every desk & computer between every class, everyday.

  • Your student needs a composition notebook every day.

  • I recommend bringing headphones on Fridays when we work online

  • I want your student to be successful so I work hard to give them opportunities to learn.

  • I welcome your emails anytime you have questions or concerns. I will respond as soon as I can.

Open house video

Contact Information

Google Classroom Codes

There have been a lot of schedule changes at the beginning of this crazy year! If your schedule has changed and I have not yet sent you an invitation to the Google Classroom, please use the codes below to join our class.

1st period Spanish 2 APA: vf2b5be

3rd period Spanish 2: c7mbsc3

4th period Spanish 2: fxwatcl

5th period Spanish 2: oeiw5g5

6th period Spanish 2: inocjcd

7th period Spanish 2 AVL: 4wm77hlwm77

AVL (virtual only) Spanish 2 APA (8th period): pdvktfe

Parents who would like "Guardian summaries" for our Google Classroom should email me your student's name and class period and I will invite you as a guardian.

Tutoring Schedule

Campus wide tutoring times are Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays 3:10-3:40

  • On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I have after school duty in the cafeteria. You can come find me there or wait at my door til about 3:17

If you need to attend tutoring at another time, please let me know and we will work something out.

Supplies Needed

We will use our CUADERNO (notebook) every day. We will write in it as well

  • composition notebook (not a spiral)

  • pen or pencil EVERY DAY

  • your own tape (recommended)