Spanish 1

About Señora Aguilera

My name is Julee Aguilera. My husband and I have lived in Alvin for 13 years. We have 4 kids; 2 boys (9th and 6th grade) and 2 girls (4th and 1st grade). I have taught Spanish at Palacios HS, Friendswood Jr High and Dawson HS. This is my 10th year teaching Spanish and my 3rd year teaching at Alvin High School!

I graduated from Palacios High School in Palacios, TX. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at Austin College in Sherman, TX.

Contact info...

Phone: 281-245-2599 email: Room: B212

Remind class code @

Text the above code (as the message) to 81010 (as the phone number)

Or join Remind here

Supplies you'll need....

  • A composition notebook (REQUIRED)
  • A pen or pencil (REQUIRED)
  • Glue stick or tape (recommended, not required)
  • Scissors (recommended, not required)

DONATIONS: if you can donate to our classroom we need

  • kleenexes
  • scissors
  • composition notebooks THANK YOU!!!!

Class Schedule

1st period: Spanish

2nd period: Spanish

3rd period: Spanish

4th period: Spanish

5th period:

6th period: Spanish

7th period: Spanish

Tutoring Schedule

No tutoring in the mornings

Power Hour:

After school:

(I am often in my room mornings by 7 and after school until 3:20 but these are not official tutoring times. I can also be available other Power Hour times upon request. )


What to expect from me:

  • I will provide a safe place for you to try something new
  • I will care about you like I care about my own kids
  • I will provide every opportunity for you to succeed if I see you are trying your best
  • I will enforce school policies like
    • Attendance
    • Late work
    • Grading
    • Discipline

What I expect from you:

  • Be on time
  • Turn in your phone daily
  • Be prepared with your supplies
  • Be ready to participate
  • Be ready to give me your best
  • Be ready to try something new
  • Treat others and yourself with kindness and respect


We will use Google classroom this year in Spanish 1.

Students will “join” their classes at school.

  • We will use computers periodically (laptops in class or in computer labs). It would be very helpful for students to have a set of earbuds/headphones that can plug into a computer (not bluetooth, not an iPhone charger style) as we sometimes do listening activities.
  • We will use online resources that go with our textbook. Please see the Textbook page for more information.