Spanish 2

About Señora Aguilera

My name is Julee Aguilera. My husband and I have lived in Alvin for 17 years. We have 4 kids; 2 boys (12th and 9th grade) and 2 girls (7th and 4th grade). I have taught Spanish at Palacios HS, Friendswood Jr High and Dawson HS. I began teaching Spanish 20 years ago and this is my 6th year teaching at Alvin High School!

I graduated from Palacios High School in Palacios, TX. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at Austin College in Sherman, TX. I am certified to teach Spanish 6-12th grade and K-6 core content.

Supplies Needed

Having the necessary supplies each and every day is VERY important to success in my class.

  • composition notebook (not a spiral). We will use our CUADERNO (notebook) EVERY DAY.

  • pen or pencil EVERY DAY (I prefer pen but you may use whichever you prefer. Please only use pen colors that are easy to see.)

  • your own tape or glue stick (recommended but not required)

Contact Information


1st period: Department Support Period Duty:

2nd period: Conference (8:19-9:12)

3rd period: Spanish 2

4th period: Spanish 2 APA

5th period: Spanish 2 APA

6th period: Spanish 2

7th period: Spanish 2

Tutoring Schedule

Campus wide tutoring times are Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays 3:00-3:30.

If you need to attend tutoring at another time, please let me know and we will work something out.

Google Classroom Codes

3rd period Spanish 2:

4th period Spanish 2 APA:

5th period Spanish 2 APA:

6th period Spanish 2:

7th period Spanish 2:

Parents who would like "Guardian summaries" for our Google Classroom should email me your student's name and class period and I will invite you as a guardian.