The premise of my thesis stems from finding used high-visibility construction worker uniforms in a scrap store. The purpose of high-visibility workwear is to grab someone’s attention. However, when the average passerby sees a construction worker they make a point of looking the other way. I think this same irony surrounds sustainability.

My definition of sustainability not only encompasses the high quality, long lasting, functional design aspects, it hinges on sourcing fabric in a way that ensures that the negative environmental impact of fabric production has been minimised. Apart from my machine knit pieces which use 100% organic naturally dyed wool, I have sourced remnant and defective fabric from local factories, second hand shops and FabScrap.

I am relentlessly committed to my environmentally responsible mission down to the recycled thread I use. Therefore, I want my garments to grab the attention of people who want to create noise around sustainability. Each garment made has a story to tell and this storytelling is what will implement positive change.