author's note -

2 sonnets, written about 6 months apart in 2000 and 2001

though all these years later i can clearly see a need for revision, these stand for the time they were written in my life and will not be changed

sonnet #1

When I and thee look in our eyes we know

That love is true and we are link’d in vision

And we together move the winter snow

The season melting under summer passion

And know’st thou when thy heart is full of sun

That ‘tis the reason joy is in the sky

Then fear thee not or joyous feelings shun

And with thy newfound freedom ye shall fly

In flight thou lift me up to heights ne’er seen

From lonely depths hath thee brought me up here

To soar sans fear so high in love so serene

And knowing thou art always close and near

If only fear would flee our hearts will shine

To glory love would give us life so divine.

sonnet #2

To love to have as once before in spring

The bliss we found gave wings on those we planned

To kiss away the hours for souls to sing

Thy heart with mine and souls that mix'd like sand

A ring it brought us down we flew no more

Of tales that paint the shade of grey and pall

That bears no truth yet lied ye not nor I

Which buried our love and trust till it shall fall

And now my friend we know the ring is gone

We look to find what next may come to be

For though it has been hard now friends not lone

The love we knew can make us strong and free

So now we seek to find what lay in wait

And friends or lovers be we I trust in fate.