nice guy

nice guy

How he writhes in his pain

Exposed to all

And refuses to die

His life force taken away

Heart broke

True love shattered

The Fell blow

His broken love

Pierced to the heart

Words of hate and pain

And now

She goes on without him

And he cries to


Something. God if he's there.

And the realisation

that he wasted his time

being nice

washes over him with the

sickly feeling

of the blood of his dying self

And from the corpse

Emerges a new spectre

A scarred beast

With no misconception

No weapon can reach his core


Barricades and blinds and untruths

The one who lay dying

Cries out how wrong

He does not go this way

author's notes -

this is a 2017 revision of a

short poem I wrote in 2001.

the revision primarily adds brevity

removing needless wordiness

also a gratuitous reflection at the end.

the poem was written after

a particularly nasty breakup, after

which i went through a period of

trying too hard to replace what was lost.